Ali Baba



Ethic inherited from Aragon

  • La piedra caliza es blanda - por favor, limpie tus zapatos de la suciedad con el fin de evitar asideros y pasos pulidos.
  • No instale top-rope directamente a través de anclaje o anillos - usa tu propio material en su lugar.
  • Limpia las marcas de tiza con un cepillo.
  • No dejes papel higiénico.
  • Recoge la basura - también las colillas de cigarrillos.
  • Aparcar con consideración (los tractores deben poder pasar también el fin de semana).

  • The limestone is soft – please clean your shoes from dirt in order to avoid polished handholds and steps.
  • Don't toprope directly through anchors or bolts – use your own material instead.
  • Clean chalk and tickmarks with a brush.
  • Don't leave toilet paper.
  • Pick up rubbish - also cigarette butts.
  • Park considerately (tractors should be able to pass also at the weekend).


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FA: Manu

Connection of Manus and City No.

A sit start at the bottom of the cave continuing with the end of Ali Baba, exiting through the classic exit on the left.

FFA: Dave Graham, 2 Nov 2022

FFA: Dani Andrada, 2005

FA: Dani Andrada, 2007

FA: Dani Andrada, 2007

Initially graded 9a+ but downgraded by Enrique Beltrán and Dani Moreno in 2023.

FA: Piotr Schab, Jul 2018

Initially graded 9b, downgraded to 9a+ by Alex Garriga in Aug-2021. Downgrade to 9a+ confirmed by Gonzalo Larrocha in Nov-2022. Downgraded by Dani Moreno to 9a in May-2023.

FFA: Jonatan Flor, Jul 2019

Start "Proa" and end in "Hulk Eextension"

FA: Dani Andrada, 2007

FA: Dani Andrada, 2007

FA: Jlpalao, 16 Apr 2019

This route climbs 10 meters of roof to end up joining with Hulk after a precarious rest. Initially graded 9b, downgraded by Jonatan Flor to 9a.

Set: Dani Andrada, 2007

FA: Dani Andrada, 2008

Starts with an 8B boulder and ends in Ali Hulk.

FFA: Jorge Díaz-Rullo, 7 Aug 2019

FA: Dani Fuertes, Sep 2020

FFA: Philippe Gondoux, 2006

FFA: Dani Andrada, 2006

FFA: Piotr Schab, 2018

FFA: Dani Andrada, 2005

The first route in the cave.

FFA: Jonatan Flor, May 2021

FA: Dani Andrada, 2006

A combination of several routes starting with a 8B+ boulder.

FFA: Jonatan Flor, May 2021

A combination of the boulder Picacho (8B+) with "Alí Hulk (extension)".

Set: Dani Andrada

FFA: Jonatan Flor, May 2021

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Author(s): Maria Torres, Victor Fernandez, and Carlos Logroño

Date: 2019

ISBN: 9788469750469

A definitive guidebook describing all the rock climbing, sport climbing and bouldering at Rodellar across 44 different sectors, covering many 100’s of routes.

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