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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty Climber
Sat 16th Oct 2021 - Rodellar
Ali Baba
9b Alí Hulk (sds+extension) (ali hulk (sit start extension))

(Without a kneepad) After 3 days of work I brought all the pieces together and today I sent it on my first try. I didn’t expect it’s going to happen that fast and therefore I’m a little bit skeptical about the grade. Anyway I enjoy putting this puzzle together and makes my psyched for my future goals.

Sport Classic
Domen Škofic
Tue 30th Jul 2019 - Rodellar
Ali Baba
9b Alí Hulk (sds+extension) (Ali Hulk (sds+extension)) Sport
Jorge Díaz-Rullo
Thu 8th Nov 2007 - Rodellar
Ali Baba
9b Alí Hulk (sds+extension) Sport
Dani Andrada

Showing all 3 ascents.

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