Desplome de Rino




Ower hang, suitable for children, faicing NW (in summer sun comes in to the sector at around 16:00

Ethic inherited from Comunidad Valenciana

  • La piedra caliza es blanda - por favor, limpie sus gatos antes de escalar.
  • Use su propio material para top-ropes.
  • Cepille las vías y el magnesio al terminar la vía.
  • Llévese su basura, colillas, y papel higiénico.
  • Aparque con consideración y no bloquee pasos de tractores.

  • Limestone is soft – please, clean your shoes off dirt before climbing.
  • Use your own gear for top-rope set-ups.
  • Brush the line and remove all tick marks and chalk excess.
  • Pick up rubbish, cigarette butts, and your toilet paper.
  • Park considerately and don't block essential laybys or farm access.


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Set: Nacho Sánchez

Set: Paco Llopis

Set: Sergio Sánchez & Miguel Sánchez

Set: Paco Llopis

Set: Laszlo Juhasz & Alex Torres "Indio"

Set: Chema Ramírez & Quique Barberá

Set: Alex Torres "Indio"

Set: Chema Ramírez & Nacho Sánchez

Set: Chema Ramírez & Quique Barberá

Set: José M García

Set: Iván Hernández

Set: Andrés Llorens "Coco" & Alex Torres "Indio"

Set: José M García

Set: Nacho Sánchez

Set: Paco Llopis & Rafael Llopis

Set: Nacho Sánchez

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Author(s): Renaud Moulin & Jose Luis Palao

Date: 2019

A selective guidebook describing the best sport climbing areas around Alicante and Murcia in the Costa Blanca area, covering 20 main areas and 1,000's of routes.

Author(s): Chris Craggs & Alan James

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ISBN: 9781873341674

A selective guidebook describing all the main rock climbing and sports climbing areas within the Costa Blanca region of Spain, covering 40 crags and over 3,000 routes.

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