La Espalda

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Fixed Gear: No equipamiento de nuevas rutas / No bolting !

No equipamento nuevas vías de escalada en el Parque Nacional del Teide. La situación de la escalada en el Parque Nacional del Teide es delicada y si la gente la ignora puede provocar que se prohíba definitivamente la escalada. Gracias.

No bolting of new climbing routes in El Teide National Park. The climbing situation at El Teide National Park is delicate and if people ignore this it may cause climbing to be permanently prohibited. Thank you.

Normas / Regulations.

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Access issues inherited from Tenerife

Most places in Tenerife enjoy free access, however, some require permission which can often be obtained in-situ through QR code scanning, such as Guaria near Guia de Isora, and also some places in the Teide National Park.

Ethic inherited from Tenerife

Please keep the crags noise free and clean. Take your trash and toilet papers with you. Locals tend to bring dogs to the crag. It is good manners to use your own gear at the anchors for lowering or setting up top-ropes. Use the anchor rings/carabiners only for the final lower-off after cleaning.

This cliff doesn't have any sub-areas or routes yet!

If you are familiar with La Espalda please take the time to add what you know. Thanks!

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Author(s): Erik Baquero

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9788409395477

Una guía completa que describe 17 áreas de escalada en roca y deportiva en Tenerife, cubriendo más de 1.300 vías a través de una amplia gama de grados, incluyendo Arico.

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Thu 13 Jul
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