Punta Diente del Ajo

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Deep Water Soloing / Psicobloc according to Tenerife Vertical.

Punta de Teno is located at the most northwestern point and 10 westwards from Buenavista del Norte. It is created by into the sea flowing lava which cooled down and became to these rocks. The precipitous coastline is in a mountainous landscape.

Faro de Teno (Lighthouse) is built in 1976 and is 20m tall. (Light above sea level 60 m)

Below the lighthouse is a nice swimming bay with very clear water, good for snorkeling.

Also Video by Magnus Midtbo with first ascents.

Article with pictures.

Access issues inherited from Tenerife

Most places in Tenerife enjoy free access, however, some require permission which can often be obtained in-situ through QR code scanning, such as Guaria near Guia de Isora, and also some places in the Teide National Park.


(28.343068, -16.919866), follow the coast path, 1.1 km

The road is closed for public traffic. on the way, there is a bus stop where you can take the bus 369 to every full hour and always 25 minutes later back. One way is 1,- €.

Ethic inherited from Tenerife

Please keep the crags noise free and clean. Take your trash and toilet papers with you. Locals tend to bring dogs to the crag. It is good manners to use your own gear at the anchors for lowering or setting up top-ropes. Use the anchor rings/carabiners only for the final lower-off after cleaning.



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No other choice from this side.

Climb at the edge of the roof.

Start goes downwards.

Short Traverse at the roof.

Video Spot 6:30 and following videos. Location (28.339532, -16.910873)

Long Traverse at the roof.

according to facebook posts

... in the caves to the south, accesible by boat. Article and pictures.

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Author(s): Erik Baquero

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9788409395477

Una guía completa que describe 17 áreas de escalada en roca y deportiva en Tenerife, cubriendo más de 1.300 vías a través de una amplia gama de grados, incluyendo Arico.

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