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Grade Route
1 5+ 25m
2 6a 20m
3 6a 20m
4 5+ 40m
5 4 30m
6 3 - 4 35m
7 3 - 4 10m

The last two pitches are not bolted.

Topo on

  1. 4c

  2. 5b

  3. 5c

  4. 6b+

  5. 4b

  6. 4b

  7. 4b

  1. 4c

  2. 6a

  3. 6b+

  4. 6a

  5. 6b

  6. 4b

  7. 5c

  1. 6a

  2. 6a+

  3. 6b+

  4. 5c

  1. 5c

  2. 6b

  3. 6a

  4. 7b

  5. 6c

  6. 6a

  1. 6a

  2. 6c

  3. 6b

  4. 7a

  5. 6a+

  6. 6a+

  7. 5b

  1. 6a+

  2. 7b

  3. 7a+

  4. 7a+

  5. 6c+

  6. 6a

  7. 5c

  8. 6a

  1. 6a

  2. 7b+

  3. 6a

  4. 6b

  5. 6a

  6. 5c

  7. 5c

  8. 5b

Starts just a few metres left of Musical Express.

  1. 5c. More like hard 6a (some say 6b) on gritty, sandy rock. Trying to link pitch two produces too much drag.

  2. 6c+. A very punchy move through the steepness, then Verdon-style technicality. Hard, but very close bolts for your aiding pleasure.

  3. 6a. A tree and a super long move to get started, then you're into reasonable climbing moving up but often left as you go.

  4. 6a+. Very technical/balancy! Hard.

  5. 6b. Steepish to start, but really not too bad. Probably is actually 6b Do not try to link the last 3 pitches with an 80m rope. Not long enough.

  6. 5c. Relatively easy slabbing.

  7. 6b. One very hard move on the slab below final bulge. Could be the hardest move of the route? Once standing on choss ledge, move up and left and pull through overlap flake to finish.

Beautiful multi-pitching.

  1. 5c. The name is faintly scratched into the rock at the start. Pitch trends up and right.

  2. 6b+. The bulge seems to take its pound of flesh.

  3. 5b

  4. 5c

  5. 5b

  6. 4b. Only two bolts. Some people take some cams for this. Traverse off to the right to top out and walk down, or you can rap if nobody is below.

  1. 5b

  2. 6c

  3. 7a

  4. 4b

1 4c
2 4b
3 4b
4 4c
5 5a
6 4b
  1. 6b

  2. 5c

  3. 6b+

  1. 5c

  2. 5c

  3. 6a

  4. 5b

  5. 4c

  1. 5b

  2. 5b

  3. 6a

  4. 4c

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Author(s): Pete O'Donovan and Dani Andrada

Date: 2019

ISBN: 9780956700650

Lleida Climbs stellt 22 Gebiete in einer der besten Kletterregionen Europas vor - insgesamt ca. 3900 Wege - ein Kletterparadis!

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