I. Kreuzberg

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Ethic inherited from Alpstein

Sport climbs are very well protected but the historic multi pitch routes are sometime strange bolted and you have to take long run outs. Generally it is a good advice to bring some gear to improve protection where necessary.

New routes should be discussed with local authorities and the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) before hand. Especially if routes may distract animals and destroy vegetation.


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Grade Route

FA: H. Frommenwiler & E. Hörler, 1953

FA: W. Risch, 1918

FA: A. Duttweiler & S. Pulver, 1938

1 2a 25m
2 4c 20m
3 5c+ 35m
4 5c+ 40m
5 5a 40m
6 5a 40m

Varied face and chimney climbing with an alpine touch. After the 6th pitch 250m on vegetated terrain easy to the summit. Or scramble 25 down to 'Alter Nord' and take this route to the summit.

FA: P. Hell & P Schafflützel, 1937

1 5c 40m
2 6b 40m
3 6a+ 40m

Climb in via 'Ostgrat'. Difficult crack climbing.

FA: B. Büchler & B. Fuster, 1979

1 5c+ 50m
2 6c+ 45m
3 6b 50m
4 5c+ 25m

Climb in via 'Hans im Glück'. Difficult crack climbing.

FA: D. Dürr, L. Dürr & C. Looser, 1997

1 5c+ 50m
2 6c 45m
3 6a+ 50m
4 5a 25m

Difficult crack climbing.

FA: C. Howald-Feederle, H. Hoowald-Feederle, E. Neeracher, A. Wenk & H. Howald-Feederle, 1981

FA: H. Howald & E. Neeracher, 1981

1 6b+ 30m
2 4a 15m
3 6a 40m
4 5a 30m
5 5c+ 35m
6 6a 25m
7 5b 35m
8 2a 40m

Worth crack and dihedral climbing.

FA: T. Gschwend & W. Heeb, 1989

1 4a 30m
2 5b 15m
3 4a 40m
4 5b 30m

FA: B. Lehmann, 1935

FA: Bürke & Künzle, 1943

1 7c/c+ 32m
2 7a/a+ 40m
3 6b 32m
4 2a 20m
5 7a+ 30m

Extreme sport climb. The first pitch is one of the hardest in the Alpstein.

FA: E. Good & T. Wälti, 1996

1 5c+ 30m
2 5c 40m
3 5c 40m
4 4b 30m
5 3c 30m
6 5b 25m
7 5a

FA: H. Frommenwiler & M. Niedermann, 1953

Ancient chimney route. Nobody climbs this today.

Fans of the Alpstein may be interested to read the original guide book from 1904.

FA: r: Güttler, K. Peretti & B. Schuh, 1903

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