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Showing all 15 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Peter und Paul Vater
4a Süd-Riss Sport 30m
4a Akademikerriss Sport 30m
Peter und Paul Mutter
4a Schartenweg Sport 30m
Peter und Paul Schwester
4a N-Kante Sport
Peter und Paul Peter
4a Normalroute Sport 30m
Ibergeregg Chli Schijen Vorgipfel
4a Südostgrat

This is marked as an old climb. Inspect the bolts before starting

4a Ahorn-Riss

You will need your own protection on this climb

Ibergeregg Chli Schijen Kleiner Westgipfel
4a Nordwand Sport 15m, 6
Ibergeregg Chli Schijen Hauptgipfel
4a NW-Grat direkt

Start 5 meters left of NW-Grat and straight up. Shares same anchor as NW-Grat.

Crack gets very wet and stays wet for days, but you dont really need it

Sport 22m, 10
4a Crossroads escape

Same start as Crossroads

Sport 18m, 8
4a S-Verschneidung Sport
Ibergeregg Chli Schijen Nordgipfel
4a Schulterriss Sport
Ibergeregg Chli Schijen Spielwiese
4a R69 (gelb) Sport
4a R69 Variante Sport
Ibergeregg Chli Schijen Nadel
4a Unknown Sport

Showing all 15 routes.

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