Musoma is a town 220 km from the city of Mwanza, which is home to an infinite number of granite rocks that do not exceed 50 m in height. therefore, bouldering, high bouldering and sport climbing predominate, in a smaller amount traditional climbing. Musoma borders the famous Lake Victoria and is 150 km from the Serengeti National Park. the area was first developed under the focus of the Climbing for a reason project, which achieved In addition to the opening of 15 sport climbing routes and 200 boulders, develop the first community of climbers in the country, which is made up of children from the Jipe Moyo Center orphanage.

Access issues

Many of the sectors are close to villages and houses, so it is recommended to be respectful and friendly with people. There are also nearby plantations, so it is recommended to be careful when walking and putting the crashpad in the areas.

being a town that does not receive tourists, people are not used to seeing "white people" so they will always call you by muzungu which means white man, but it is not with bad intentions, in fact the only thing they will want from you it's your friendship


Musoma can be accessed in various ways. you can fly directly to musoma, or you can take a direct bus from mwanza musoma that lasts approximately 4 hours, or go by car that takes 3 hours and that will help you a lot to move between the climbing areas since there are quite a few.

Where to stay

There are many options to stay. Benny Lodge is one of the best options, the value is $20,000 shillings, 9 USD for a room for two people, very clean, hot shower and moderately modern and a very good location. There are also options near the lake in Playa Matvilla for 22 USD. and finally you can volunteer to teach climbing or yoga to the children of the orphanage jipe moyo center and sleep in the orphanage, for the latter you can contact climbing for a reason on instagram to organize volunteering.


be respectful of the neighbors, take care of the place and take care of the plantations that surround the rocks


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Climbing for a reason is a non-profit organization that seeks to open climbing to underprivileged communities around the world that have rocks with great climbing potential. in this case they went to musoma to teach the children of the jipe moyo center orphanage, they taught them to climb their own rocks, and a climbing wall was built inside the center.

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