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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Sandpit Big Boulder
V1 Problem B Boulder
V3 test v2/v3 Boulder
V2/3 test v2-v3 Boulder
test v2..v3
Boulder 8m
V4 test v2/v4 Boulder
V4 test v2-v4 Boulder
test v2..v4 Boulder
V9 Problem C Boulder
Sandpit Little Boulder
V6 Climb This Boulder 6m
V0- Climb this direct finish Boulder 6m
8a Supa


Sport 25m, 7
Sandpit Campbell's Kingdom Water
17 King

Start at the far L of the wall.

Slabby start then mantle to finish.

Trad 10m
25 Queen

Powerful moves on crimpy holds.

Starts 2m R of 'King'.

Sport 10m, 3
23 Prince

Starts below the cave.

Follow the line of weaknesses to the cave. Through the roof then straight up.

Sport 10m, 3
10 Peasant

The easy chimney at the far R end of the wall.

Unknown 10m
Sandpit Campbell's Kingdom
7a Magic

test bla test

Sport 60m, 2, 13
Sandpit Closed A test area
11 Test route 1 Boulder
6b+ test aid trad grades Trad
V1 test route aa

test description

6a TEst for M Trad
test 2 Trad
still testing Mixed trad 1
Sandpit Closed A test area sector_to_merge_to
5.7 testroute


Sandpit Another Test Another Areas sub
route 1
route 2
route 3
Sandpit Another Test Another Areas sub sub sub
route 4
route 5
route 6
Sandpit Another Test Another Areas sub Closed sub sub 2
route 7
route 8
route 9
Sandpit The Masters Voice
S Sweet Dreams Original

Original Description from Bryden Allen (1963) The Rock-Climbs of NSW

Total length 530 ft = 161 m

Goes up the magnificent black wall immediately after the land-slide. Takes an easier and safer line than the original Knights-mare but one is still a aware of some tremendous drops.

Start: On the right hand side of the very large block.

  1. 80' (24m) Up the short wall trusting some horrible rock. Onto the ledge then battle up the chimney. Good tree belay.

  2. 90' (27m) Up the obvious crack (as in Knights-mare). Lousy rock. A block belay or, much better, a bracket-type bolt belay.

  3. 100' (30m) Doddle across the wall to a lousy bolt belay before some small bushes.

  4. 90' (27m) Up to the trees. An extremely good piton runner (which is still there) hallfway up. Look back in conceit at having so easily crossed that terrifying looking wall.

  5. 110' (33m) Up the gully. Technically the hardest part of the climb and a bolt runner might help. At the top a piton runner then traverse right to tree belay.

  6. 60' (18m) Fairly easily up the rotten over hang above to the top.

FA: Ted Batty & Bryden Allen, 1963

Trad 160m, 6
16 Corner1

Giant corner

17 Whisky Chaser

Old Rhum Dhu route

14 Odyssey Walls


  1. BA: Up the middle of the wall to the right of Constipation "Some fine wall climbing on small holds." Last pitch 'traverse easily now into "Constipation" or '"The Belfry" .

  2. JME: Thin crack running up broken wall to right of Constipation. "A pleasant climb on good rock," Last pitch "either left into Constipation or right to finish up Belfry, or put up a direct finish" (was this the Iliad?)

  3. TheCrag: Crack in middle of wall as for 'The Iliad'

9 Variant

BA's topo: variant to what? Or is this Oddyssey Walls as the finish is left to Consiptation or right to the Belfry?

9 The Belfry
  1. BA: The first 2 pitches can be the same as Kadumba Gambit. A different start is further to the left.

  2. JME: Left hand side of scrubby wall. (1) and (2) as for Kadumba Gambit, more or less.

5 Kadumba Gambit

Sublime 'Kedumba Gambit'[15316333]

  1. BA: On the left· hand side (of the Big Black Wall)

  2. JME: Take the scrubby easy angled wall. Start in the corner chimney recess on the left.

'Wil's Variation #7 Trad
9 Levitation Chimney

Sublime 'Levitation Chimney'[15316285]

  1. BA: The obvious chimney· just before the Black Wall.

  2. JME: Immediately before the Big Black Wall.

23 The Multipitch

A girdle traverse of the cliff from left to right.

  1. 27m. As for Sexton. Bolt anchor.

  2. E2 30m. Up 9m to ledge, traverse right to boulders (junction with Coffin Climb). Continue to bolt anchor of Evens. [K2 30m. Traverse right past Coffin Climb, then up to tree anchor.]

  3. 27m. Right into garbage-filled gully; right again across slab to tree-filled gully. Tree anchor.

  4. Wander across juggy wall [K4 across wall to Hocus Pocus #1]

  5. Continue 4. [K5 Continue to Something #2. Tree belay.]

  6. Continue 4.

  7. Continue 4.

Bullet List

  • Level 1 ** Level 2
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
Trad 820m, 6
12 Jack Murphy's Climb

Bryden says "Probably the best climb in the gorge - up good cracks, the belays are bad!

Start: Directly above the plague [sic] to Jack Murphy."

1994 description in SRC site

FA: 1956

Trad 65m, 4
25 bens iphone photo Trad
Sandpit Presentation
V2 Test my stars
5.12 Test Ascent Quality
Sandpit Marc's test crag sub2
20/21 r1 Sport 10m
21 A1 r2 SportProject 11m
22 - 24 r3 Sport 12m
YDS:5.10a/b r4 Sport 13m
AU:22 test alt grade Sport
AU:19 mtest alt grade
1 22 5m
2 19 10m
Sport 15m, 2
22 A1 mtest alt grade 2
1 22 5m
2 19 10m
Sport 15m, 2
7 R5 - french alt gr test in stream Sport
20 tester Sport
Sandpit Marc's test crag sub1
17 blabla Sport 20m, 2
17 m1
1 15 10m
2 16 15m
3 17 25m
Sport 50m, 3
17 m2 grades
1 15
2 16
3 17
Sport 3
17 - 19 m3 Lengths
Sport 45m
AU:17 m4 pitches Sport 3
Sandpit Lukenya
2 Warm-high-up Boulder
2 Digging for Gold

Get in the cave and dig

3 Stingray Boulder
2 Salty chicken, sweet chicken

Face left for salty, and right layback for sweet

2 Clammy traverse

#traverse Keep going left

3 Knife, fork

#traverse Awesome

YDS:5.0 Entrance


Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Perched Boulder
2 Warm-high-up Boulder
2 Digging for Gold

Get in the cave and dig

2 Sit start pull cross Boulder
4 Dan's 8 year-old projet

#SD #traverse Sit-start, matched on the big jug on the left

1 Moja maker Boulder
1 Mohado Boulder
1 Sit start warmup Boulder
2 Slippery feet, osoit Boulder
4 Gogo gadget arms

aka something related to mental and disease.

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Midday sun jungle
3 Stingray Boulder
2 Salty chicken, sweet chicken

Face left for salty, and right layback for sweet

4 Arrete

no name yet!

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Clam
2 Clammy traverse

#traverse Keep going left

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Dinner plate Boulder
3 Knife, fork

#traverse Awesome

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Entrance
YDS:5.0 Entrance


Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Cornflakes
2 Corner Boulder
1 Cracky Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Jenga
3 Arrete, crack, crack traverse Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Tottering Boulder
1 Pumpy traverse


1 Morning awakening Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Gremlins
2 2 prob: aloe-ha, leaning tower Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Tree Boulder
3 Sharkey


Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Baby Boulder
1 Baby slap Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders 2 min Boulders
4 2 min

#crimpy Nice

3 Stolen because of weakness

#highball #juggy High, go jugs in left

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Logger's Boulder
4 Chainsaw, axe, teeth

#SD #crimpy #juggy Left is v2, middle v2, right v4+

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Sleepy hollow
3 Right hand squeeze, left hand squeeze

#crimpy Left is v2+, right is v3

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders ?
3 In vino veritas Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Tsunami
2 Sugar rush Boulder
Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Mighty one
4 Just one more

#crimpy Don't look down. Start on the small flake head right to slopers

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders The grumpy evangelist
2 Marco, Mateo

#SD Nice. Sit start. For Marco, need to avoid all hand holds to right of crack. Can use them for feet.

Sandpit Lukenya Boulders Blasphemy Boulder
5 Bodily fluids

#SD #traverse #crimpy Start on two small crimpers above the rock. Traverse left and finish as for act of blasphemy

5 Act of blasphemy

#SD #crimpy Start with your feet all the way at the bottom of the cave, on the boulder. Hard move to start. Then hard moves


Showing 1 - 100 out of 1,760 routes.

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