Access issues inherited from Kanchanaburi

The climbing development has graciously been granted by the local authority of Sai Yok District. Please remember you are a guest, and that your behavior can create impact for future climbing access in Thailand, positive or not. Be a good steward for the climbing community.

  1. Be nice and respectful toward the locals (just like anywhere, a smile and a nod can go a long way).

  2. Due to limited parking and relatively small size of the current crags, a visit in large groups is NOT recommended. Please maintain a low profile and consider leaving your music/boombox in the car.

  3. There is no facility at any of the current crag. It is of utmost importance that every visitor practice LNT (Leave no trace). Pack out ALL of your trash and please do all of your bathroom business before arriving.

In case of emergency, make sure to relieve your self at least 30m from the crag. Dig a hole and bury your business or simply use a wag bag and pack it out.

  1. No camping allowed. Please leave the climbing area by 6 pm. Many areas are considered community forest (ป่าชุมชน). Do not disturb or approach all wildlife. Do not climb a route if there’s a sign of nesting (bird, bees, etc).

  2. While shopping at the nearest 7-11 is convenient, please consider supporting local businesses. (I.e. Hug Hill Cafe near Turtle Home Crag, various local restaurants in Sai Yok District)

  3. A helmet is strongly advised, especially for the belayer. Loose rock is common for new climbing area.

  4. Please report any sighting of loose rocks, dangerous hardware, or wildlife nesting on FB group or page such as “Let’s go climbing Thailand” or “Thailand Mountain Sport Club” (TMSC).

CLIMBING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY that may result in serious injury or death. The information and topo provided on Mountain Project are not objective but rather subjective. Do not use the information contained here unless you are a skilled and experienced climber who understands and accepts the risks of climbing. If you choose to use any information on this page to plan, attempt, or climb a particular route, you do so at your own risk.



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