Steep beach side routes on top quality rock. The easy graded climbs are starting to get polished.

Access issues inherited from Ton Sai

No road access. From Ao Nang hire a longtail boat to take you around to Ton Sai. Boats only operate during the day.



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Grade Route

Leftmost line in the 'Dum's Kitchen' corner. All titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner, Gerd Schoeffl & Volker Schoeffl, 1993

The steep face right of 'Society of Gravitational Studies'. Stainless steel glue-in bolts.

Set: Wee Changrua, 2009

Shares the start with 'Wake & Bake', then left onto the face. All titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner, Gerd Schoeffl & Volker Schoeffl, 1993

Climbs the obvious corner crack. Shares anchors with 'By Way of Deception'. All titanium bolts.

Set: Cyro Glad, 1992

Starts right of the 'Wake & Bake' corner, shares the same anchor. All titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner & Volker Schoeffl, 1993

As the name suggests, jump for the jug to start. 3 titanium bolts, 3 slings.

Set: Cyro Glad, 1993

Shares the start with 'Jumping for Jugs', then right to the anchor of 'Fips, der Affe'. 5 titanium bolts, 1 sling.

Set: Rolando Larcher, 1995

Shares the first meters into the corner with 'The Day After', then left over the bulge to a technical balancy finish. Shares the anchor with 'Nair Nawn'. 1 titanium bolt, 5 slings.

Set: Michael Hoffmann, 1992

Shares the start with 'Fips, der Affe', then straight up, sharing anchors with 'No Onion, No Garlic'. 4 titanium bolts, 2 slings.

Set: Christian Neumeyer & Reinhold Scherer, 1997

Warning Fixed Gear: Old slings

Up the tufas, then left to a pumpy finish. Shares the last two clips and anchors with 'The Day After'. 4 titanium bolts, 4 slings.

Set: Francisco Ataide & Dolan, 2005

Old bolts and slings, overgrown. Cannot be climbed anymore.

Set: Nick Germang, 1993

Pumpy start through the overhang left of 'Schlingel Max'. Easier finish. 1 titanium bolt, 4 slings.

Set: Paul Turecki & Kirsten Kremer, 1999

Share start with Schlingel Max, then turn left to anchor of No Name.

FA: Hanh Le

Interesting crux on polished rock. 5 titanium bolts, 1 sling.

Set: Michael Hoffmann, 1992

Starts just left of 'Schlingel Moritz'. Technical start, easy middle section and a big move above the bulge. Don't cheat at the start by going too far right. All titanium bolts.

Set: Ernesto Lopez & Pili Llatas, 1995

Hard start for the grade, especially when you're short. All titanium bolts.

Set: Michael Hoffmann, 1992

One pockety tough crux towards the middle, then smooth sailing - top is a beautiful and much easier slab. All titanium bolts.

Set: Bjoern Alber, Nantawan Alber & Robert Baier, 2006

A true Tonsai beach classic. Starts on the tufas right of 'Good Medicine'. Titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner & Todd Skinner, 1992

Squeezed in on the steep featureless rock between 'Reminiscence' and 'Mai Mee Fahn'.

Set: Maxi Montree & Ghop, 2015

Hard crux right at the start to get up to the tufas. Afterwards easier, but continuous. Reachy both at the start and towards the anchor. All titanium bolts.

Set: Todd Skinner, 1993

All titanium bolts.

Set: Samsungding Doloh, Ghop & The RockShop, 2010

FA: Samsungding Doloh, 2011

FFA: Steve Townsemd, 2013

Climbs around the prominent flake with insanely polished feet. Though the crux awaits right before the anchor. All titanium bolts.

Set: Volker Schoeffl, Melanie Schoeffl & Sam Lightner, 1996

Easy start towards a crimpy crux. All titanium bolts.

Set: Ola Brahammar, 2006

Project about 8b, though only bolted with expansion bolts.

Set: Pha-Rhay Team, 2009

Extension of 'Thai Tham Nean'. Also only expansion bolts.

Set: Pha-Ray Team, 2009

An amazing line linking a series of small flakes up the beautiful orange wall. All titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner, 1997

All titanium bolts.

Set: Alex Catlin, 1995

Currently the hardest ascent in Thailand. ‘It’s On’ from start to finish. Phenomenal climbing. All titanium bolts.

Set: Alex Catlin, 1997

Broken hold, needs repairs and rebolting. Protected by expansion bolts.

Set: Koran Pavel, 2002

Starts up the stairs towards 'Tyrolean Wall'. Shares the first few meters with 'The Sit Spins', then straight up. All titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner, Volker Schoeffl & Gerd Schoeffl, 1994

Shares the start with 'Asia Shadow Play'. Traverses right, then up along the crack. Be careful, the crux just above the ledge is badly protected. All titanium bolts.

Set: Sam Lightner, Gerd Schoeffl & Volker Schoeffl, 1995

Direct start to 'The Sit Spins'. Starts on 4 slings to cut off traversing, just on the very left of 'Tyrolean Wall'. Face climb on small holds with a big move to reach the ledge.

Set: Ola Brahammar, 2013

1 7c+ 15m
2 8a 10m

Extension of 'The Sit Spins' or 'Remix Direct'. Goes to the top of the wall. Great endurance climbing with an interesting finale. Titanium bolts.

Set: Matthew Bouyoud, 2010

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