Life of Leif



Access issues inherited from The North Wall

Access is through private property (plantation and a residence) so please be mindful as the property owners are fine with climbing there so long as climbers respect their property and privacy (house). In particular, avoid parking motorbikes etc on parking area for the house.

Ethic inherited from The North Wall

Drilling, chipping and "enhancement" of rock is forbidden!


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Grade Route

Left of 'Natalie'. All slings. Appears to have a two sling extension.

Obvious line behind tufa curtains. The crux, which is well protected, is getting to the anchor. There are two easier second pitches which continue on from the top of this route. Maybe bring a bottle of water and do all three. The belay station for the second pitches is comfortable. All three routes, this one and the two vertically above it, are always in the shade and almost immune to rainfall.

3 bolts, 7 slings. Starts at the anchor/platform of Natalie and goes left. There is a big cave at the top of this route, 40m above the ground, it has a nice view and is a good place to hang out.

Starts at the anchor/platform of Natalie and goes right. It is a bit harder than the route called Luke, which starts and ends at the same place.

Climb up and right, follow blue slings, anchor on right below roof.

Tufa Love Extension 6b+ Climb leftwards through overhang to 2nd anchor.

Set: DnD, 1 Jan 2021

Tope rope only. Permanent top-rope, please try.

Set: DnD, 30 Apr

FA: KK, 30 Apr

3D tufa quest. Has fixed draws all the way. Be ready to climb in all directions on your journey! Up, left, right, and down.

Set: DnD & Lucho, 10 Mar

Short and sweet!

6 clips

Set: DnD, 2 Apr

Short and spicy!

5 Green slings through bulging roof. Top out to standing on ledge.

Set: DnD, 3 Apr

Pumpy and SUPER fun! Reminds me of Tidal Wave. Has fixed draws.

Set: DnD, 5 Apr

Long and fun! 14 clips

Set: DnD, 14 Mar

Tufa fun!

Set: DnD, 14 Mar

1 6a 18m
2 5c 12m
3 6a 22m

Pitch 1, 18 metres, 6a. Climb up ladder, move left, up corner to ledge. 4 slings, 5 bolts.

Pitch 2, 12 metres, 5c. Traverse left horizontally, along 3D tufa ledge, anchor around corner. 7 Slings.

Pitch 3. 22 metres, 6a. Climb straight up slab/corner, finish in glorious cave room. 7 Slings, 4 bolts.

The perfect beginner multipitch, friendly and fun! 60 metre should reach the ground, tie knots in ends.

Pitch 1 and 2 can be combined into one mega pitch.

All Titanium Bolts.

Set: DnD, 9 Mar

FA: Tony Climber, 10 Mar

Up the ladder, into the slabby dihedral, then the left across the tufas towards a steep pumpy finish. Be careful with brittle rock! 9 titanium bolts, 1 sling.

Awesome, fun, pumpy!

Watch out for small breaky holds as new climb, needs some time to settle.

3 Titanium Bolts 8 Slings

Set: DnD, Leif & Jai, 14 Mar

Stay left at crux for 7b. Don't go right is 6a.

Set: DnD, 10 Mar

1 6a 17m
2 6b+ 11m

Climb as one pitch, 28m to the ground from the top. 11 titanium bolts, 6 slings. Take 19 draws, you can get by with 17 if you use the anchors…

On the right side of 'Life of Leif'. 9 titanium bolts, 4 slings.

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