A crag from the old days. Not bolted. Some easy alpine style climbing. Today, it is overgrown. However, if you want an easy crag near Kampala, consider rediscovering and developing this one.



Located on a beautiful, local, extremely diversified farm. If you want to see the best of what is growing in Buganda, this farm is for you. Also, a nice place to hang out and relax in central UG.

Best explored in dry season. You could ask Deo to burn or slash the belay area to help you access the rock.

Routes here are very short, mostly less than 7m.

If you wanted a place to do very easy, single-pitch trad as a learning crag, this could work. Otherwise, this crag is worth a miss.


Access issues

Contact Deo Lubega, the elder/patron of the Mountain Club of Uganda. His family owns this land. Access is free and unrestricted for contributing members of the local climbing and mountaineering community.



Expect one hour drive from central Kampala in light traffic. Here are the coordinates: 0.3248778, 32.731983

Namilyango was the name in the old guidebooks, but that is a pretty misleading name because the rock isn't very near to Namilyango. Better head to Kyungu and use the coordinates provided.


Where to stay

Stay in Kampala or pitch your tent in Deo's garden.



Ask Deo if you'd like to change anything here.



History timeline chart

A crag mentioned in both the 1962/3 and 1991 guidebooks, the land has been purchased by a Mountain Club of Uganda member and farmed. It is deserted and overgrown as of 2018.


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Check out what is happening in Kyungu.

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