A gorgeous mountain for hiking. Sport climbing could be possible here if rock was cleaned and bolted.



I have tried three rock faces connected to the Mt Moroto system, one on the western side just a couple kilometers out of town, another on the northwest about 30 minutes out of town and a third on the very north quite close to the Kenyan border. The faces look impressive and some are quite high offering multi-pitch potential in numerous areas. However, like the area around Namalu on the fringes of the Mt Kadam system, the rock is poor quality. There are yellow, grey, and black streaks in the rock, each brittle. I have explored these rocks on several occasions only to be disappointed. The rock is no worse than the quality at Sipi Falls, but the crags at Sipi were cleaned and bolted. The same could be done in future years around Mt. Kadam (Mary's Rock) and Moroto. At the moment, with this poor rock quality, trad climbing just simply isn’t desirable or particularly safe, though many lines look promising through binoculars from the road, the hikes in tell a different story. I still hope to be proven wrong about the rocks around Kadam and Moroto, but given what I have seen and tested, doubt that will be the case.


Access issues

Friendly local community. Free access. Loads of potential faces to climb.


Where to stay

There are many hotels in Moroto Town. Look into Kara Tunga tours as well. Or stay at the Tapac Monastery.



Be sure to establish positive relations with all people you encounter.



History timeline chart

This rock has never been climbed except by a few exploring climbers who bailed after a pitch or two. Mt. Moroto is hiked regularly (Imagit and Sokodek Peaks)


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