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FA: F E R Cannings & P Badcock, 1964

FFA: J Moran & D Banks, 1977

FA: J Deacon & R Goodier, 1955

FFA: P R Littlejohn, 1977

1 VS 10m
2 4c 12m
3 4c 24m

FA: J Cortlandt-Simpson, R G Higgins & K M Lawder, 1948

1 HS 4a 6m
2 4a 20m
3 4b 27m

P1 and P2 can be linked together easily enough.

FA: R Goodier & P Henry, 1955

1 HVS 5a 18m
2 4c 20m
3 5a 10m
4 5a 12m

FA: P H Biven & H T H Peck, 1956

1 VS 23m
2 4b 16m
3 4c 18m

FA: D Kemp & N E Morin, 1953

1 E2 5a 27m
2 5c 18m
3 5c 16m

FA: P H Biven & H T H Peck, 1966

1 E1 24m
2 4b 14m
3 5c 16m
4 4b 10m

FA: P H Biven, H T H Peck & B M Biven, 1955

1 E3 5a 20m
2 5b 24m
3 - 9m

FA: P H Biven & H T H Peck, 1956

FFA: E Drummond & T Proctor, 1973

1 E2 5b 26m
2 5b 25m

FA: J Brown, 1957

FA: B M Biven & H T H Peck, 1958

1 HS 4a 18m
2 4b 12m
3 4a 26m

FA: B M Biven, H T H Peck & P H Biven, 1955

1 E1 5b 21m
2 - 12m
3 5b 24m

FA: P H Biven & H T H Peck, 1956

1 VS 4b 22m
2 4a 18m
3 5a 24m

Can be climbed as two pitches by linking P1 and P2 together.

P1 can be linked into P2 and P3 of 'Doorpost' to create a 3-star "direct" route.

FA: P H Biven & B M Biven, 1955

1 E4 5c 30m
2 4c 25m

FA: P Livesey, A Evans & J Lawrence, 1976

1 S 4a 20m
2 - 12m
3 4a 27m

FA: J Cortlandt-Simpson & W J Hutchinson, 1949

FA: J M Edwards, N E Morin & N Albion, 1953

FA: C Fishwick & R Woodman, 1965

1 VS 4b 10m
2 4b 15m
3 4c 20m
4 4b 10m

FA: P H Biven & C Fishwick, 1961

1 VS 4b 18m
2 4b 15m
3 4c 17m
4 4c 8m

P1 and P2 can be linked together; as can P3 and P4 (making the last pitch less contrived). The route is easily escapable at the end of the P3 by moving right rather than back left.

FA: P H Biven, H T H Peck & B M Biven, 1956

Bosigran's prime VDiff experience is formed by a challenging route with diverse climbing and progressively more precarious stances. Start at a broad crevice.

  1. Ascend the 16m section, navigating the secure yet cumbersome crack, to a large ledge for belaying.

  2. 22m. Traverse to the left, followed by an upward movement, eventually arriving at a steep wall. Scale the wall and establish a belay position directly beneath a flared chimney.

  3. 35m. Enter the challenging chimney, climbing until a gradually ascending ledge becomes visible towards the left. Traverse along the ledge, navigating through an extremely exposed position, until reaching the summit.

FA: A W Andrews & J B Farmer, 1905

FA: G H L Mallory, E Andrews & S Cox, 1922

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Author(s): Steve Broadbent

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