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Northern England
Yorkshire Gritstone
Yorkshire Yorkshire Gritstone Almscliff
Almscliff High Man
Yorkshire Yorkshire Gritstone Almscliff Almscliff High Man
HVS 5b Black Wall Direct
VS 5a Black Wall
E1 5b Blackpool Promenade
E2 5c Black Wall Eliminate
E4 6c Blackhead
E4 6a 'Arries' Ook
6c 'Arries' Ook Direct
E3 6b Kitson Did It First
HVS 5a Birdlime Traverse
VS 4c South Wall Traverse
E1 5b South Wall Direct
MVS 4c South Face Climb

Pre 1912.

D South Chimney
E2 5c Yellow Wall
E4 6a Yellow Peril
S 4b South Chimney Layback
E1 5c Shuffle Crack
E5 7a China Syndrome
VS 5b Fence Butress
VS 4c Stomach Traverse

Strenuous. Takes the undercut hand crack that sadly widens above. Once established above the undercut section, the climbing eases. Finish up slightly right for maximum enjoyment. The climb got its name from starting up the lefthand crack and then traversing across on the big ledge.

HVS 5b Jacob's Ladder
HS 4b Central Crack
E3 6b Rectum Rift
5c The Crucifix

One of Almscliff's more famous problems. It takes the inverted cross round the LH end of the wall containing Central Crack

HS 4b Crack and Wall
E1 5c Acetabulum
E Three Chockstones Chimney
E1 5b Dolphinian
HVS 5a Demon Wall
MVS 4c Bird's Nest Variation
HS 4b Bird's Nest Crack

Put up pre 1900. Straight up the crack, move right to grab the strange protruberance and up again. Becoming more and more polished.

E5 6c Forgotten Wall
VS 4c The Traditional Climb
HVS 6a Traditional Eliminate
VS 5b Pothole Direct
VD The Pothole
HVS 5b Thompson's Traverse
VS 4c High Level Traverse
M Tight Chimney
VS 5a Rift Crack
E3 6b Daisy Chain
E2 6a Oublette
E2 5c Clematis
E2 5c Hobgoblin
HS 4b The Goblin
E5 6b Orchrist
E2 6b Bancroft's Roof
HS 4b The Zig Zag

Pre 1912.

VS 4c Zig Zag Direct
E3 6b Syrett's Roof
HVS 5b The Nose Direct
VS 4c The Nose

Pre 1912. Described as "fancy gymnastics" by the Yorkshire Ramblers President Claude Benson.

HVS 5b West Chimney Rib
VS 4c West Chimney Rib L/H Finish
M West Chimney
7a Jess's Roof
E2 5b Retribution Rib
E5 5c Retribution Rib Direct
VS 4c Crack of Doom

Up the corner crack to the overhang and follow the rightward traverse . Good holds to finish.

E4 6a Impending Doom
E5 6b Megadoom
HVS 5a Great Western

A 4 star route in the guide. Climb 'Crack of Doom' to the roof, then traverse leftwards to a hard pull into a rest in the niche. Finish either direct or up right via 'The Five Star Finish'. Is generally considered THE best climb on grit, some disagree.

E2 5b No Mans Land
E4 5c Grand Illusion
E3 5c Western Front
VD Leaf Climb
E4 6b Everyman Has His Niche
E5 6b The Ems Telegram
E3 6a The Wall of Horrors

Boulder problem start, then Friend 4 or Hex 11 for the vertical crack and another large friend in the horizontal break to protect the top moves

E4 6a All Quiet
HVD Long Chimney

Originally known as 'The Great Chimney'. Well polished chimney. Climbed direct, but better and more exposed to go out to the left near the top.

M The Easy Way
E1 5b Pulpit Corner
E4 6b Al Says 6a
S Fat Man's Misery
VS 4c Frankland's Green Crack

Put up in 1919. Possibly the best known climb at Almscliff, along with Great Western. Follow the green crack to a small ledge below the overhang. Step right and pull up into the upper crack. The final overhang keeps things interesting.

E3 5c Merlin
E3 6a The Big Greeny
E4 6a Fungus The Bogeyman
HS 4b Parsons' Chimney

Put up circa 1900! Climb the overhanging V corner directly to the cave. Chimney up from there with increasing exposure to exit outwards on good holds. A vintage classic, as the guide book says.

HVS 5a Overhanging Groove
VS 4c Central Climb
E3 6a WASC
VS 4c Z Climb
E1 5b Z Climb Eliminate
E3 6a Why Climb
VD Cup and Saucer
E2 6a First Night
E2 5c Encore
HVS 5b Finale Slab
E4 6a Penny Pip
E4 6b Exit Stage Left
E5 6a All Our Yesterdays
E2 5c Twelfth Night
E3 6a The True Two Ton Sardine

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 nodes.

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