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Wye Valley
Biblins Cave

South west facing limestone roof. If any bats are spotted at the cave please report to crag moderator immediately and make sure to read the access details below! And have fun.

Biblins Cave
7A The Bulge
7A Pop for the top
6A The Giant's Spine
Symonds Yat
Symonds Yat
The Introductory Rocks
Symonds Yat The Introductory Rocks
VS 4b Fin-ish
VD Soderama
D Garlic
HS 4b Babies Making Choices
VS 4b B-B-B-Boon
HS 4b Gibbon
HS 4b Dwarf
Symonds Yat
Hollow Stone Area
Symonds Yat Hollow Stone Area
VD Crack and Slab
VD Snoozin' Suzie
VD Flying Machine
VD Happy Birthday
VD Liver and Onions
S 4a Golden Fleece
S 4b Track Shoe
S 4b Transformer
S 4b Cracktit
S 4b Fly Lice
S 4b Trundlebum Rex
HS 4b Brief Encounter
HS 4b Bull in a Gateway
HS 4b Cascade
HS 4b Thirty Thousand Pieces
HS 4b A Right Carry On
HS 4b Ramblin' Rose
VS 4c Diamond Groove
VS 4c Mockingbird
VS 4c Newcastle Arms
VS 4c Offspring
VS 4c Peacock
VS 4c Argonaut
VS 4c Grobbler
VS 4c Exchange
VS 4c The Druid
VS 4c Green Grow the Grollies Oh!
VS 4c Past Purple
VS 4c Big Bad C
HVS 5a Fat Man
HVS 5b Matchstick Man
HVS 5b Biblin Wall
HVS 5a The Navvy
HVS 5a Phizzog
HVS 5a Rough Diamond
HVS 5a Scooby Doo
HVS 5a Red Rose Speedway
HVS 5a The Russian
HVS 5b Lord of the Dance
HVS 5a Hole in the Wall
HVS 4c Yorker
HVS 5a Chevron
HVS 5a English Country Garden
HVS 5a Footpad
E1 5b Long Man
E1 5b Lego Pensioner
E1 5b High Jack
E1 5a Tony Didn't Dane This
E2 5c Meccano Kid
E2 5a Jewel in the Crown
E2 5b Absent Friends
E2 5c Looking through Gary Gibson's Eyes
E2 5c Take Fewer Puffs
E2 5b The Beak
E2 5b Christmas Carrolls
E2 5c The Ankh
E2 5b Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
E2 5b Sweden
E2 5c A Story Like the Wind
E2 5c Training for Everest
E2 5c Ryan's Daughter
E3 5c Too Loose for the Shrieking Goose
E3 6a The Wasteland
E3 5c White Lie
E3 6a King Crab
E3 5c Never Trust a Smiling Cat
E3 5c Oh! Yes He Did
E4 5c Don't Fear the Reaper
E4 6a Apologies
E4 6a Black Tulip
E4 6a Suicide
E4 6a Thriller
E5 6a Deepee
E5 6b Big Daddy
E5 6b Fortune Favours the Brave
Symonds Yat
White Wall
Symonds Yat White Wall
E1 5b Strathdon
Symonds Yat
Waterpipe Bay
Symonds Yat Waterpipe Bay
VS Flight

Climb up below the knife-blade arete and climb onto the arete by either the left or right. Climb the arete. Walk off from here or continue up the easy scramble to the top.

Symonds Yat
Long Stone Area
Symonds Yat Long Stone Area
S 4a Azoic
D Nikabrik
VD Red Rack
VS 5a The Slanting Slot

Showing 1 - 100 out of 578 nodes.

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