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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Symonds Yat Hollow Stone Area
HVS 5b Matchstick Man Trad
HVS 5b Biblin Wall Trad
HVS 5b Lord of the Dance Trad
E1 5b Long Man Trad
E1 5b Lego Pensioner Trad
E1 5b High Jack Trad
E2 5b Absent Friends Trad
E2 5b The Beak Trad
E2 5b Christmas Carrolls Trad
E2 5b Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Trad
E2 5b Sweden Trad
Symonds Yat White Wall
E1 5b Strathdon Trad
Symonds Yat Long Stone Area
E2 5b Dead Churchills Trad
Symonds Yat Bowlers Hole Buttress Rectangular Bay
E1 5b King of the Swingers Trad 15m
HVS 5b Presbytian Toothpick Trad 10m
HVS 5b Mango Chutney Trad 10m
Symonds Yat Far South Buttress The End Rocks
HVS UKT:5b Sarcoptes
Unknown 18m
E1 UKT:5b Launch Berry
Unknown 18m
Wintour's Leap
E1 5b Andromeda
1 E1 5b 24m
2 E1 4c 21m
Trad 45m, 2
{FR} 6b+ Turmoil Of A White Ocean/Script for a Jesters Tear Combo
E2 5b Swansong Prelude
Trad 15m
E1 5b Notung
Trad 40m
E1 5b Pig Iron
Mixed trad 15m, 1
E1 5b Age of Enlightenment

A sustained technical route requiring commitment and care. A good selection of micro-wires will prove useful. Four pegs help protect the route. Finish at a two-peg and tree belay. The belay pegs are fitted with mallions to facilitate an abseil descent.

Trad 25m
E3 5b Themeninblack
E1 5b King Kong
1 E1 5b 40m
2 E1 5a 40m
3 10m

Marked start in a corner with obvious rockfall. Nice sustained jamming, considered a classic of the grade.

Trad 90m, 3
E1 5b Surrealist
Trad 67m
{FR} 6b+ Two Mules for Sister Sara
E2 5b Betty Boo
E2 5b Ally Oops
E2 5b Papillon
E1 5b Ecliptic
E1 5b Mosquito Bite
HVS 5b Flyte
E2 5b Balls Out
E2 5b Lord of the Flies
E2 5b Little Fly
E1 5b Big Fly Direct
E1 5b That Nice Route
Wynd cliff
E2 5b Sundowner
E1 5b The Don
E3 5b Jezebel
E2 5b Piercefield Grooves
E2 5b Purple Haze
HVS 5b Suncrush
E2 5b Christian
Wyndcliff Quarry Lower Cliff
6a+ One Tooth Short of a Smile

Go direct following the line of 5 bolts before completing an easy traverse to the lower off of 'Still Stuck on You'.

FA: 2006

Sport 10m, 6
{FR} 6b Finishing Touch
Sport 12m
Wyndcliff Quarry Upper Cliff
E1 UKT:5b Canine crack

Nice crack line to the right of hte arete. Bolted loweroff.

{FR} 6b+ Hong Kong Wedding

Through broken rock to the left of a V grove, then tend right to an anchor, right of the thin seam.

Sport 12m, 8
6b+ Shin Gi Tai
Sport 15m
{FR} 6a+ Chepstow Killer Appliances

Broken rock then left facing corner system

Sport 10m
{FR} 6a+ THE END

V Grove to ledge then up.

Sport 10m
{FR} 6a+ Sometimes I Won't Thrill You
Sport 15m
{FR} 6a+ One in the Oven
Sport 13m
Shorn cliff Abbey Buttress
E1 5b Gorillas in the Garden Trad 20m
E3 5b Birth Canal Trad 17m
E1 5b The Bone

FA: 1984

Trad 18m
E1 5b Pooh Sticks Trad 20m
E1 5b Social Criticism Trad 22m
E1 5b Side Effects Trad 23m
Shorn cliff The Berlin Wall
E1 5b Name in the Book

FA: 1985

Trad 18m
Shorn cliff Tiger Bay
E1 5b Motion Pictures Trad 23m
E1 5b Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Trad 17m
E2 5b Pump It Up... Again Trad 17m
HVS 5b Bursting the Renaissance Bubble Trad 23m
E1 5b One Step Down Trad 27m
HVS 5b Streaker Trad 17m
E1 5b ...Think of England Direct Trad 30m
Shorn cliff Great Central Cave Area
E1 5b Stand and Deliver Trad 20m
E2 5b Ironside's Men Trad 20m
E1 5b Treason Trad 27m
E1 5b War is Declared Trad 30m
E3 5b Oagmuts Trad 17m
E2 5b All in a Day's Work Trad 17m
Shorn cliff Fallacy Buttress
E2 5b Cool Heat Trad 23m
E2 5b Paroxysm Trad 20m
Shorn cliff Bridle Buttress
E2 5b Run for Home Trad
E1 5b Easy Rider Trad
Shorn cliff The White Towers
E2 UKT:5b The Little White Tower
Unknown 22m
E1 UKT:5b The White Tower
Unknown 25m
Black Cliff Quarry Castle Wall
{FR} 6a+ Fools Gold
{FR} 6a+ Carnival Time
Black Cliff Quarry
{FR} 6a+ Quip U (for Leisure 2)
{FR} 6b+ Mad About Machines
Tintern Quarry Entry Wall
{FR} 6b Burning Embers Sport 18m
{FR} 6a+ The Undkindest Cut of All Sport 20m
Tintern Quarry Upper Red Dust Wall
{FR} 6b Ammonite Sport 21m
Ban-y-Gor The Mushroom Walls
{FR} 6a+ Little Stiff'ner Sport
{FR} 6b Slow Macabre Dance Sport
E1 5b Laccaria Lacata Trad
E1 5b Fly Agaric Trad
{FR} 6b On the Nose Sport
HVS 5b Gonna Write a Classic Trad
{FR} 6b+ Discharge Sport
{FR} 6b Doyouthinkhesawus Sport
{FR} 6b+ The Disillusioned Bronto Machine Sport
{FR} 6b Slug Control Sport
{FR} 6b+ Duhkha Sport
{FR} 6b+ Sperm Whales Sport

Showing 1 - 100 out of 104 routes.

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