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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
HVS 5a We Are the Champignons Trad Ban-y-Gor
S 4b Phallus Impudicus Trad Ban-y-Gor
E1 5b Laccaria Lacata Trad Ban-y-Gor
E1 5b Fly Agaric Trad Ban-y-Gor
VS 4b Mycology Trad Ban-y-Gor
{FR} 6a+ Little Stiff'ner Sport Ban-y-Gor
{FR} 6b Slow Macabre Dance Sport Ban-y-Gor
{FR} 5a The Gruesome Toothsome Sport Ban-y-Gor
{FR} 5a Two Name Graham Sport 9m Ban-y-Gor
{FR} 4a The Smiling Assassin Mr Bo Sport 10m Ban-y-Gor

Showing all 10 routes.

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