Crag Lough Guide

  • Grade context: UK
  • Ascents: 87

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Table of contents

1. Crag Lough 111 routes in Crag



All Rock climbing

Lat / Long: 55.005017, -2.367541

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 West Chimney M Unknown 8m
2 West Corner S Unknown 11m
3 Wall And Crack D Unknown 11m
4 Fifth Avenue D Unknown 11m
5 Face Route S Unknown 15m
6 Original Route S Unknown 15m
7 Route Three VS UKT:5a Unknown 18m
8 Intermediate Treatment E2 UKT:5c Unknown 17m
9 Route One HVS UKT:5a Unknown 18m
10 Route One The Right Variation HVS UKT:5a Unknown 18m
11 Route One The Left Variation HVS UKT:5a Unknown 18m
12 Route Two VD Unknown 20m
13 Impossible slab E3 UKT:5c Unknown 20m
14 Impossible Buttress Obverse HVS UKT:5a Unknown 17m
15 Pinnacle Crack D Unknown 7m
16 Bracket VD Unknown 15m
17 Pinnacle Face VS UKT:4c Unknown 14m
18 Pinnacle Face Obverse S Unknown 8m
19 Hadrian's Recess S Unknown 15m
20 Hadrian's Buttress S Unknown 17m
21 Hadrian's Rib VS UKT:4c Unknown 17m
22 Hadrian's Chimney S Unknown 17m
23 Hadrian's East VD Unknown 20m
24 Crescent Climb VD Unknown 18m
25 Hadrian's Highway S Unknown 17m
26 Hadrian's Necklace MVS UKT:4b Unknown 35m
27 Ash Tree Wall S Unknown 15m
28 Amendment VD Unknown
29 Evasion Groove HVS UKT:5a Unknown 26m
30 Tarzan VD Unknown 26m
31 Easy Picking HVS UKT:5b Unknown 10m
32 Tarzan's Mate VD Unknown 26m
33 Cheetah Traverse S Unknown
34 Jane MVS UKT:4c Unknown 26m
35 Belfry Buttress S Unknown 23m
36 Sinister Corner S Unknown 23m
37 Jezebel Direct MVS UKT:4b Unknown 23m
38 Jezebel D Unknown 23m
39 Hara Kiri HS UKT:4b Unknown 17m
40 Wooden Tops E1 UKT:5b Unknown 15m
41 Spot The Dog HVS UKT:5b Unknown 15m
42 Raven's Arete E1 UKT:5b Unknown 15m
43 Raven's Tower MVS UKT:4b Unknown 15m
44 Crescent Cracks VS UKT:5a Unknown 15m
45 Sweet Violets Bitter Almonds D Unknown 22m
46 The Central Girdle MVS UKT:4c Unknown 90m
47 Dexterity S Unknown 22m
48 Why Not VS UKT:5a Unknown 23m
49 Why Not Direct HVS UKT:5b Unknown 23m
50 Chariot Race E3 UKT:5c Unknown 17m
51 Block Chimney D Unknown 17m
52 Ben Hur E1 UKT:5c Unknown 17m
53 Block Chimney Super Direct HVS UKT:5a Unknown 18m
54 Naissance VD Unknown 10m
55 Catherine VS UKT:4c Unknown 20m
56 Deep Gully M Unknown 5m
57 Centurion's Crack S Unknown 11m
58 Praetor VD Unknown 15m
59 Doomsday Crack HS UKT:4b Unknown 17m
60 Gargoyle HVS UKT:5b Unknown 20m
61 Punch Line HS UKT:4b Unknown 20m
62 Back Alley D Unknown 20m
63 Trapezium D Unknown 22m
64 Trapezium Variation Start One VS UKT:4c Unknown
65 Trapezium Variation Start Two S Unknown
66 Waterloo HS UKT:4b Unknown 40m
67 Spuggies Gully VD Unknown 25m
68 Abseil Wall VS UKT:5a Unknown 17m
69 Broken Ash Buttress VD Unknown 27m
70 Sombrero S Unknown 17m
71 Chimney And Mantelshelf D Unknown 17m
72 Castor D Unknown 7m
73 Y Climb HVS UKT:5a Unknown 15m
74 Crystal HVS UKT:5a Unknown 21m
75 Crystal Variation HVS UKT:5b Unknown
76 Grad's Groove MVS UKT:4b Unknown 21m
77 Brutus HVS UKT:5b Unknown 21m
78 Neglect HVS UKT:5a Unknown 25m
79 Right Organ Pipe HS UKT:4b Unknown 27m
80 Central Organ Pipe HS UKT:4b Unknown 27m
81 Left Organ Pipe HVS UKT:5a Unknown 25m
82 Midnight Watch HVS UKT:5a Unknown 27m
83 Bisector S Unknown 27m
84 Impossible Wall E4 UKT:6b Unknown 27m
85 Great Chimney HS Unknown 27m
86 God Lives Under Water E2 UKT:5b Unknown 34m
87 Main Wall HS Unknown 34m
88 Main Wall Route Two VS UKT:5a Unknown 34m
89 Main Wall Route Two Direct Finish VS UKT:5a Unknown
90 The Girdle Traverse VS UKT:5a Unknown 58m
91 Main Wall Link VS UKT:5a Unknown 34m
92 Botany Crack S Unknown 20m
93 Stephenson's Rocket E4 UKT:5c Unknown 23m
94 Overhanging Chimney VS UKT:5a Unknown 20m
95 Treetop Buttress MS Unknown 20m
96 Sciatica VS UKT:4c Unknown 20m
97 High Level Girdle VS UKT:5a Unknown 83m
98 Treetop Grooves S Unknown 20m
99 Sensitol E1 UKT:5b Unknown 22m
100 Titus VD Unknown 17m
101 Helix S Unknown 17m
102 Helix Direct HVS UKT:5a Unknown 25m
103 Julia VD Unknown 17m
104 East Central Chimney VD Unknown 20m
105 Whinstone Churchill E2 UKT:5b Unknown 17m
106 Whinstone Churchill Direct Start E3 UKT:5c Unknown
107 The Stone Warrior E1 UKT:5b Unknown 17m
108 Hoozit's Crack S Unknown 13m
109 Oversight MVS UKT:4c Unknown 13m
110 Poker Chimney VD Unknown 13m
111 Ivy Tower VD Unknown 15m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Pop
M Deep Gully Unknown 5m
West Chimney Unknown 8m
D Back Alley Unknown 20m
Block Chimney Unknown 17m
Castor Unknown 7m
Chimney And Mantelshelf Unknown 17m
Fifth Avenue Unknown 11m
Jezebel Unknown 23m
Pinnacle Crack Unknown 7m
Sweet Violets Bitter Almonds Unknown 22m
Trapezium Unknown 22m
Wall And Crack Unknown 11m
VD Amendment Unknown
Bracket Unknown 15m
Broken Ash Buttress Unknown 27m
Crescent Climb Unknown 18m
East Central Chimney Unknown 20m
Hadrian's East Unknown 20m
Ivy Tower Unknown 15m
Julia Unknown 17m
Naissance Unknown 10m
Poker Chimney Unknown 13m
Praetor Unknown 15m
Route Two Unknown 20m
Spuggies Gully Unknown 25m
Tarzan Unknown 26m
Tarzan's Mate Unknown 26m
Titus Unknown 17m
MS Treetop Buttress Unknown 20m
S Ash Tree Wall Unknown 15m
Belfry Buttress Unknown 23m
Bisector Unknown 27m
Botany Crack Unknown 20m
Centurion's Crack Unknown 11m
Cheetah Traverse Unknown
Dexterity Unknown 22m
Face Route Unknown 15m
Hadrian's Buttress Unknown 17m
Hadrian's Chimney Unknown 17m
Hadrian's Highway Unknown 17m
Hadrian's Recess Unknown 15m
Helix Unknown 17m
Hoozit's Crack Unknown 13m
Original Route Unknown 15m
Pinnacle Face Obverse Unknown 8m
Sinister Corner Unknown 23m
Sombrero Unknown 17m
Trapezium Variation Start Two Unknown
Treetop Grooves Unknown 20m
West Corner Unknown 11m
HS 4b Central Organ Pipe Unknown 27m
Doomsday Crack Unknown 17m
Hara Kiri Unknown 17m
Punch Line Unknown 20m
Right Organ Pipe Unknown 27m
Waterloo Unknown 40m
HS Great Chimney Unknown 27m
Main Wall Unknown 34m
MVS 4b Grad's Groove Unknown 21m
Hadrian's Necklace Unknown 35m
Jezebel Direct Unknown 23m
Raven's Tower Unknown 15m
MVS 4c Jane Unknown 26m
Oversight Unknown 13m
The Central Girdle Unknown 90m
VS 4c Catherine Unknown 20m
Hadrian's Rib Unknown 17m
Pinnacle Face Unknown 14m
Sciatica Unknown 20m
Trapezium Variation Start One Unknown
HVS 5a Block Chimney Super Direct Unknown 18m
Crystal Unknown 21m
Evasion Groove Unknown 26m
Helix Direct Unknown 25m
Impossible Buttress Obverse Unknown 17m
Left Organ Pipe Unknown 25m
Midnight Watch Unknown 27m
Neglect Unknown 25m
Route One Unknown 18m
Route One The Left Variation Unknown 18m
Route One The Right Variation Unknown 18m
Y Climb Unknown 15m
VS 5a Abseil Wall Unknown 17m
Crescent Cracks Unknown 15m
High Level Girdle Unknown 83m
Main Wall Link Unknown 34m
Main Wall Route Two Unknown 34m
Main Wall Route Two Direct Finish Unknown
Overhanging Chimney Unknown 20m
Route Three Unknown 18m
The Girdle Traverse Unknown 58m
Why Not Unknown 23m
HVS 5b Brutus Unknown 21m
Crystal Variation Unknown
Easy Picking Unknown 10m
Gargoyle Unknown 20m
Spot The Dog Unknown 15m
Why Not Direct Unknown 23m
E1 5b Raven's Arete Unknown 15m
Sensitol Unknown 22m
The Stone Warrior Unknown 17m
Wooden Tops Unknown 15m
E2 5b God Lives Under Water Unknown 34m
Whinstone Churchill Unknown 17m
E1 5c Ben Hur Unknown 17m
E2 5c Intermediate Treatment Unknown 17m
E3 5c Chariot Race Unknown 17m
Impossible slab Unknown 20m
Whinstone Churchill Direct Start Unknown
E4 5c Stephenson's Rocket Unknown 23m
E4 6b Impossible Wall Unknown 27m
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