Hidden Cove

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A 300' wide outcropping of chert up to around 35' in height that's been undercut, and, in the lower sections polished, by the ocean. The strata generally dips at around 45 degrees, making for universally challenging problems - your pinch strength will get a workout.

The rock is crumbly, especially above maximum wave height and you will snap off numerous holds while climbing here! As a result the area is best approached with an adventurous mindset, and extra care taken to avoid out-of-control falls.

On the plus side, the landings are mostly excellent - the coarse grained black sand doesn't seem to get hard packed even when wet, and often offers a softer landing than a mat. One or two problems on the initial wall have dangerous rocks underneath them, but they're the exception rather than the rule.

The number of problems here is virtually unlimited, due to the extremely featured nature of the chert. However due to the water polished rock and down-dipping nature of the layers, most of the climbing is V2 or harder.

Due to the difficulty of the problems and snappy nature of the rock, this is not a good area for beginners, although the location is stunning and worth a non-climbing visit anyway.

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Descent notes

Almost all problems drop before the top, both because of the highball and loose nature of the cliff, and because the topouts are into steep loose dirt. If you do top out, the best descent is to the left, facing the cliff.

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