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Author(s): Kevin Capps

Date: 2020

ISBN: 9780999280331

Your guide to one of the best sport climbing areas on the Front Range, the 3rd edition of Rock Climbing Clear Creek Canyon from Fixed Pin Publishing now features 6 new crags and over 80 new routes.

  • Clear Creek Canyon has long been the go-to after-work and weekend destination crag for Front Range climbing communities
  • The new routes encompass a wide variety of skill levels, so whether you're looking for a new project or wanting to romp up a fun 5.6 multi-pitch, this canyon won't disappoint
  • Nearly 1,200 routes spanning all grades means you'll have to decide what's better: ticking your old project or picking a new one from all the classic options in this book

Author(s): Jason Haas, Kevin Capps

Date: 2020

ISBN: 9780999280300

For a high concentration of classic climbing destinations, it's time you get out to the Golden. The Golden Climbing Guide documents nearly 700 routes along with action photos to get you amped.

  • Includes sport and trad routes at the Golden Cliffs at North Table Mountain, the Lookout Mountain Area, Golden Gate Canyon and Morrison
  • Features over 200 new routes and nearly 700 routes in total
  • Includes action photos to get you psyched for your next climb

Author(s): Gerry Roach

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9781641607759

Providing accurate and comprehensive info, the 4th edition of Fulcrum Colorado's Fourteeners includes standard, alternate and technical routes for all 58 peaks over 14,000 ft. in the Centennial state.

  • Updated to include up-to-date topographic maps, GPS coordinates, expanded route details and alterations to trail access
  • Multiple tables and appendices summarize features for quick reference
  • Author Gerry Roach shares his expertise from over 50 years of mountaineering
  • Includes full colour photos and 31 maps

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