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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Watson Lake Dells Thor's Wall
5.11d Thermocouple Unknown
5.10b Monarch Unknown
5.11 Under a Dark Sky Unknown
5.12c Serpentine Fire Unknown
5.12a Sinister Exaggerator Unknown
5.11d Totally Hammered Unknown
5.10d Thor's Handle Unknown
5.10d Feeling a Little Thor Unknown
5.10b Ice Breaker Unknown
5.11a Trench Warfare Unknown
Watson Lake Dells Time Zone
5.8 Time Slot Unknown
5.9 Nick of Time Unknown
5.8 Hour of Power Unknown
5.7 Quartz Movement Unknown
5.6 Minute Man Unknown
5.6 Can't Wait Gotta Go Unknown
Watson Lake Dells West Shore Pavilion Wall
5.9 Pump And Grind Trad 23m
5.7 Hard Times Trad 23m
5.5 Party Line Trad 23m
5.10b/c PG13 Pick Of The Litter Trad 23m
5.5 Family Ties Trad 23m
5.3 Mr. Grinch Trad 23m
Watson Lake Dells West Shore Time Zone
5.6 Can't Wait Gotta Go Trad 12m
5.6 Minuteman Trad 18m
5.6 Quartz Movement Trad 18m
5.8 Hour Of Power Trad 18m
5.9 Nick Of Time Sport 12m
5.8 Time Slot Sport 12m
5.7 Hole In The Fabric Of Time Top rope 18m
Watson Lake Dells West Shore Comic Cliff
5.7 Stand Up Trad 9m
5.8 PG13 Ramp It Up Trad 9m
Watson Lake Dells West Shore Thor's Wall
5.11 Thermocouple Sport 15m
5.10b Monarch Trad 12m
5.12a Sinister Exaggerator Sport 15m
5.11b/c Totally Hammered Sport
5.10+ Thor’s Handle Trad 18m
5.10+ PG13 Feeling A Little Thor Trad 12m
5.10- Ice Breaker Sport 9m
Watson Lake Dells West Shore Boat Ramp Rock
5.10a/b Prom Night Trad 9m
Watson Lake Dells The Far Shore Turtle Cove
5.7 Yard Sale Trad
Watson Lake Dells Peavine Cove Peavine Slab West
5.8 The Getaway Sport
Watson Lake Dells Thor's Chasm
V3 Crystal Witches Boulder 8m
V4 Ice Pick Boulder 8m
V3 The Dark Prince Of Fuckness Boulder 8m
V6 Demonology Boulder 8m
V4 A Painful Truth Boulder 8m
V4 The White Knight Boulder 8m
V2 Black Magic Boulder 8m
V5 Voodoo Blues Boulder 8m
V8/9 Wide Open Gasch Boulder 8m
Watson Lake Dells The Sanctuary
V2 The Buddha Ladder Boulder 6m
Watson Lake Dells Cranium Crack Area
V4 Cranium Crack Boulder 6m
Watson Lake Dells The Zen Ledges
V6 Holy Madness Boulder 6m
High Rappel Dell Descent Trail
5.7 Huckleberry Thin

on the NE corner of High Rappel Dell

Sport 60m, 6
5.9 Huckeleberry Thinner

Just right of a groove on the N side of High Rappel Dell, halfway between Huckleberry Thin and the steep part of the Descent Gully.

Sport 60m, 6
High Rappel Dell Descent Gully Wall
5.6 Wugit Unknown
5.10a Last Word Unknown
5.10c In the Dark Unknown
5.10a The Empire Strikes Back Unknown
5.9 Baillie's Blind Spot Sport 4
High Rappel Dell The Main Wall
5.8 Guillotine Unknown
5.11c David's Climb Unknown
5.9 Crack of Doom Unknown
5.12a Fred Unknown
5.4 Organic Farm Unknown
5.10a Gambit Unknown
5.8 Last Chance Trad 15m, 2
5.10b Siege Unknown
5.11d Savage Amusement Unknown
5.11c Banana Peel Unknown
5.11c Rolling Stone Unknown
5.10a Stairway to Heaven Unknown
5.10d Chute Unknown
5.11a Pinnacle Unknown
5.10a Redpoint Mania Unknown
5.8 Left Twin Crack Unknown
5.9 Right Twin Crack Unknown
5.11a Prescott Grain and Feed Unknown
5.10a Bom Bay Unknown
5.10a Presidente Unknown
5.5 Debutante Unknown
5.11d Pump Now Pay Later Unknown
5.11d Rip Your Fingers Unknown
5.11a Aid Climb Unknown
5.12a Steal Your Face Unknown
5.11d Thank God Unknown
5.12b Stars and Stripes Unknown
5.11d Non-Diary Screamer Unknown
5.12b Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down Unknown
5.11c Cerebral Palsy Unknown
High Rappel Dell Co-op Crack Area
5.10b Co-op Crack Unknown
5.8 French Tickler Unknown
5.10a Cling of Pain Unknown
5.10a No Pain No Gain Unknown
Crags Along The Peavine Trail First Canyon The Boneyard
5.9 Just Between Ewe And Me Trad 9m
5.4 Slow Poke Trad 15m
5.10b Another Cramer V0 Top rope 15m
5.10a Krimpus Top rope 15m
5.7 Coronary Bypass Trad 15m
5.8 The Zephyr Sport 15m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 173 routes.

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