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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Unknown year
V1 Mr. Jones Boulder Adirondacks
5.8 III The Diagonal Alpine 260m Adirondacks
V7 Long Live Legos Boulder 3m Adirondacks
5.10a Fool's Overture Unknown Little Falls
V1 More Than Meets The Eye Boulder Adirondacks
5.3 Bolts & Hangers Unknown West Point
V1 Smooches Boulder 3m Adirondacks
5.9 Sweet Unknown West Point
V2 Blown Gasket Boulder Adirondacks
5.9 Angle Dangle .....aka Notch Unknown West Point
5.11c Harvest Moon Sport 12m Adirondacks
WI3 East Crag Ice 20m Catskills
5.6 Unnamed Trad 14m Adirondacks
5.7 Friday The 13th
Trad Shawangunks
5.9 PG13 The Priest Kept My Underwear Trad 24m Adirondacks
5.8 Walter Mitty
Trad Shawangunks
5.11a Lost Hunters Crack Trad 24m Adirondacks
5.6 Eyesore
Trad 30m Shawangunks
5.11c Fast And Loose Trad 20m Adirondacks
5.8 Jane
Trad Shawangunks
V4 Sudden Death Boulder Adirondacks
5.9 Maria Direct
Trad Shawangunks
V1/2 Indigo Line Boulder 6m Adirondacks
5.6 Spare Ribs
Trad 24m Shawangunks
5.10c The Afternoon Matinee Trad 15m Adirondacks
5.6 Three Pines Variation
Unknown Shawangunks
5.11d Hold It Like A Hamburger Sport 49m Adirondacks
5.7 Dry Martini
Trad 100m Shawangunks
5.7 PG13 Full Moon Fever Sport 15m Adirondacks
5.2 Southern Pillar
Trad Shawangunks
5.9 Jammer Trad 21m Adirondacks
5.8 Raunchy
Trad Shawangunks
5.4 Chess Club Crack Trad 34m, 2 Adirondacks
5.9 Never Better
Unknown Shawangunks
5.7 Recuperation Boulevard Trad 44m Adirondacks
5.9 Hawkeye
Unknown Shawangunks
5.3 Tilly's Trench Trad 9m Adirondacks
5.10 Android
Unknown Shawangunks
5.6 X Slim Pickins Trad 61m, 2 Adirondacks
5.9 Gem's Gym
Unknown Shawangunks
5.6 Big Man's Bane Trad 15m Adirondacks
5.11 Ent's Line Variation 2
Unknown Shawangunks
5.7 PG13 Guinea Pig Trad 24m Adirondacks
5.8 Full Face
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10a Geriatric Profanity Disorder Trad 24m Adirondacks
5.8 Oblique Twique
Unknown Shawangunks
5.8 Shitty Shit Shovel Top rope 11m Adirondacks
5.11 Golden Showers
Unknown Shawangunks
5.8 Perseiid Trad 21m Adirondacks
5.12 Strings Attached
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10b Soul Confusion Trad 140m, 4 Adirondacks
5.12 Bone Hard
Unknown Shawangunks
5.6 Big Bertha Trad 18m Adirondacks
V2 I.E.
Boulder Shawangunks
5.12a/b Mistah Luthah Trad 30m Adirondacks
5.10 Disney Point
Unknown Shawangunks
V7 The Howl Boulder 3m Ice Pond
5.4 PG Gelsa

FA: Becket Howorth, George Temple & Fritz Wiessner †

Trad 61m, 3 Shawangunks
5.8 U Name It Pete Top rope 6m East End
5.5 Hornet Rocks
Unknown Shawangunks
5.2 Dragon's Butt Top rope 24m East End
5.8 Nowhereland
Unknown Shawangunks
5.9 Norfolk Burning Top rope 9m East End
5.6 Flake, Rattle And Roll
Unknown Shawangunks
5.3 Tour Des Picnics Trad 27m Tower Wall Area
5.3 Little White Mushroom
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10a Aguja Celo Rey Top rope 15m Tower Wall Area
5.8 Lean And Mean
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10 Dave + Jon's Excellent Adventure Trad 12m Yankee Ramparts
5.5 Obligato
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10+ The Death Of The Magician Top rope 17m Books Tier
5.11 Mystery Woman
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10a Bounced Check Top rope 8m Books Tier
5.6 Easy Arete
Unknown Shawangunks
5.4 Riders Of The Purple Sage Top rope 17m Books Tier
5.9 This Petty Pace
Unknown Shawangunks
5.4 Red Riding Hood Top rope 12m Books Tier
5.7 Fritz's Yellow Face
Unknown Shawangunks
5.9 Actuaries Top rope 12m Books Tier
5.11 Squeeze And Pump
Unknown Shawangunks
5.9 Devil's Elbow Top rope 8m Perched Ramparts
5.9 Pregnant Paws
Unknown Shawangunks
5.11a Naked Singularity Top rope 14m Rock Dojo Top-Rope
5.9 October Country Variant
Unknown Shawangunks
5.11a There Is No Spoon Top rope 12m Revolutionary Ramparts
5.11+ Abracadaver
Unknown Shawangunks
5.8 Know When To Top rope 11m Picatinny
5.9 Tree House Of the August Sun
Unknown Shawangunks
5.7 Chelten Ave Top rope 11m Picatinny
5.13a Love Muscle
Unknown Shawangunks
5.7 Frog Spit Top rope 6m Swamp
V4 Mean Green

Start: On the same small edges as Family Values.

Go: Up the dark green rock, to a darker area and the top.

Note: Though all the holds from the start of Family Values are on, do not trend too far left and end up on the finish of Bring the Noise/Voodoo Bullshit.

Note: When originally climbed, there was a small tree very close to the short north wall and this problem. With the tree removed, the problem is much more attractive and topping out is not as frustrating/scary as it used to be.

Boulder New York City
V3/4 Guinea Pig Boulder Welcome Boulders
V8 Jackson Pollock
Boulder Shawangunks
V3 Omicron Crack Boulder The Loop
V3 Three Fools
Boulder Shawangunks
V0 Crown Jewels Boulder Monsoon / Swamp
V0 The Crack
Boulder Shawangunks
V5 Capstone Boulder 3m Bear Caves
V2 Tweedledum
Boulder Shawangunks

Showing 1 - 100 out of 4,963 routes.

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