Unnamed - Empath Cliff

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The exact location of this cliff is unknown, please locate this cliff if you know where it is.


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Traversi first visited the cliff in the summer of 2019, after Jimmy Webb had sent him a picture of it in 2018. Webb had spotted it on a recon for new boulders in the area.



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As Traversi dputs it: “Empath is slightly overhanging, about 65 feet tall and it’s difficult all the way from the bottom to the anchors. It’s a power endurance test piece with very few resting positions. The minimal shake spots are on bad liebacks with smears for feet. The route revolves around squeezing this refrigerator-like feature from bottom to top. There are only two down-pulling holds on the entire route. One of the uniquely difficult aspects of the climb is that your left hand is always on the ‘good’ holds and your right hand is always on bad holds. Your left arm gets completely smoked, because there are few opportunities to rest it.”

Set: Carlo Denali Traversi & Dave Wetmore, 2019

FFA: Carlo Denali Traversi, Oct 2020

This cliff is unlocated

If you know where this cliff is then please take a minute to locate it for the climbing community. contact us if you have any issues.

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