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Showing all 27 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
V2 Creature Corral Boulder 3m
V1 Tech 2 Boulder 3m
V0 Creole Hustle Boulder 3m
V4 Crawfish Etouffee Boulder 5m
V3 Cajun Boulder 3m
V3 Fantasia Boulder 5m
V3 Rumpelstiltskin Boulder 5m
V1 Dirt Cheap Boulder 5m
V1 V2 For Danger Boulder 3m
V3 Spock Boulder 5m
V6/7 Dab Crack Project BoulderProject 3m
The Castle Walls
V3 PG13 Shepherd's Crook Boulder 6m
V1 Orc Empire Boulder 3m
V3 Dungeon Traverse Boulder 9m
V2 Hunchback Boulder 5m
V2 Gargoyle Boulder 5m
V2 Citadel Boulder 5m
Cosmic Corridor
V5 Sarlacc Pit Boulder 3m
V2 Geonosis Boulder 3m
V3 Lizasaurus Boulder 5m
V4 Pajama Party Boulder 5m
V3 Bass Jam Boulder 6m
V3 Space Jam Boulder 6m
V4/5 PG13 Belly Of The Beast Project BoulderProject
The Cave
V6 Hysteria Boulder 9m
Fiddleback Wall
V7/8 Recluse Project BoulderProject
V7 Hazard Boulder 5m

Showing all 27 routes.

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