Access issues inherited from Picture Rocks Park

The land is owned by the state of Iowa as a hunting preserved, but they have handed over administration of the land to the Jones County Conservation Board. There is a bolting committee that is trusted with making sure the hardware is in good condition.

Ethic inherited from Picture Rocks Park

Pictured Rocks is a very heavily used park, that is popular for trout fishing, canoeing, deer hunting, picnicking and hiking. Be nice to people you meet, and clean up after yourself. The Jones County Parks people have been accommodating to us, so be a good citizen in return.

In Iowa, we don't drape ropes off of everything that we want to climb, as the scene is not crowded, and you rarely have to wait. If you are going to top rope a route several times, and it is equipped with sport shuts, hang your own draws to minimize wear and tear on the hardware.

Finally, stay on the established trails, don't do things that will kill trees like wrapping webbing on them that will damage the bark. The rangers don't want you slacklining.


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