Access issues inherited from Coal Bank Hollow

Please climb responsible and follow Leave No Trace practices. All dogs must be leashed or under control of their owners. Stay off tagged projects and do not touch or use any project ropes, draws, or other gear. Stay on established trails and do not mark or damage tress or other vegetation. Approval by the RRGCC is required prior to the establishment of any new crags or trails. No hunting, trapping, digging for archaeological artifacts, or operation of motorized vehicles off established roads is permitted. No open fires are permitted due to the oil extraction activity in the area and the enormous threat of forest fire in a region of numerous oil wells would pose. Overnight camping (no long-term camping) is permitted as long as it is not in a climbing area, along a trail, or near any oil equipment. Please remove all refuse and bury human waste.



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FA: Jeff Neal & Theresa Neal, 2011

FA: Theresa Neal & Jeff Neal, 2011

FA: Theresa Neal & Jeff Neal, 2011

FA: Kipp Trummel, 2010

FA: Rachel Stewart & Shadow Ayala, 2013

FA: Phil Wilkes & Josephine Neff, 2009

FA: Blake Bowling, 2012

FA: Will Sweeney, 2013

FA: Ricky Parks & Kipp Trummel, 2012

FA: Andrew Wheatley & David Linz, 2011

FA: Jeff Neal, 2012

FA: Jeff Neal, 2009

FA: Matt Johns & Jeff Neal, 2009

FA: Jeff Neal, Theresa Neal & Matt Johns, 2009

FA: Jeff Neal & Theresa Neal, 2008

FA: Mike Susko, 2010

FA: Mike Trabel, 2010

FA: Don Mcglone, 2008

FA: Tania Allen, 2009

FA: Kipp Trummel & Scott Brown, 2009

FA: Ray Ellington, 2009

FA: Jeff Neal, 2008

FA: Jeff Neal & Theresa Neal, 2008

FA: Phil Wilkes & Russ Jackson, 2009

FA: Don McGlone & Joel Petrino, 2011

FA: Dustin Stephens, 2012

FA: Jeff Neal & Matt Johns, 2008

FA: Jeff Neal, 2012

FA: Kipp Trummel, 2012

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