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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Unknown year
5.10d Little Roof
Unknown 15m Mount Saint Helena
5.9 X I Lost My Lunch
1 5.8
2 5.9 X
Mixed trad 2, 1 Smith Rock State Park
5.9 Awkward Crack Unknown 3m Atlanta
5.8 Kalmia Corner
Unknown Shawangunks
V1 Applicator Boulder The Canyons
5.9 Lowe Blowe Unknown Salt Lake City
5.10c Crazy Train
Unknown Yosemite National Park
{AU} V1 # 3 Boulder Lake Tahoe, California Side
V0 Far Right
Boulder 5m Indian & Mortar Rocks
5.11d Neanderthal

FA: Bob Cormany & Kelly Brown

Trad 2 Obed National Park
V4 Straight Outta Poland Boulder 3m Unaweep Canyon
5.6 Arm Overture Trad 6m Devil's Lake State Park
V2 Fishnet Crack Boulder Cape Ann
V1 Nearsighted Boulder 3m Mile Two
5.7 Dale's Variation Trad 15m Camden Hills State Park
Class 5 East Ridge Trad 460m, 6 Franklin Mountains
V2 Copperline
Boulder 3m Rumney
V0 Camel Toes Boulder South Mountain
V2/3 Swee Sowa Pork Boulder 3m Boulder
V3 Pocket Pussy Boulder Fort Collins
V4 PG13 Macabre Proposition Boulder 5m Painted Cave Area
5.5 The Laughing Lizard Trad 140m, 3 B Crags
5.13c Where is my mind? Sport Red Rock
5.9 Golden Dreams
Unknown 12m Shawangunks
A1 M4 IV East Face Right Aid Rocky Mountain National Park
V1 Juicy Vees And Giant Jugs Boulder 4m Hueco Tanks
5.10c R Lewd and Lascivious Conduct
Trad Joshua Tree National Park
5.10a Jitterbug Boy Unknown Leavenworth
5.11b Henry's Hangout Unknown Kittatinny Ridge
5.9 Hand Jive Unknown Rocky Mountain National Park
5.7 High Seas Sport 23m Owens River Gorge
5.6 Divine

FA: Kevin Heckeler & Valerie Bachinsky

Trad 15m Adirondacks
V4 Tweedle Dee Boulder Hospital Boulders
V4 Taglioli Arête Boulder 5m Mount Rushmore
V3/4 Direct
Boulder Red Rock
V0 Kinder Garden Boulder 3m Washington DC
5.8 Magnetic North Sport 130m, 4 Mount Lemmon
V6 45 Left
Boulder 3m Governor's Stable
5.2 Home Free Top rope 15m Mount Erie
V6 Holy Madness Boulder 6m Granite Dells
5.11a Silver Surfer Sport 30m The Frying Pan
V2 Lightning Crack Boulder Colorado Springs
5.7 R Heart Of The Artichokes Trad 150m, 3 Sonora Pass
5.8 PG13 Alternative Education Trad 46m Courthouse Pasture
5.10a Buried Treasure Sport 11m Rock Creek Canyon
5.11a I Song Of The Canyon Wren Alpine 47m Gemini Bridges Trail
5.10a The Spineless Perpetrator Trad 18m New River Gorge
5.4 Moderation Unknown Devil's Lake State Park
Class 2 Regular Route Unknown Rocky Mountain National Park
5.7 The Trip
Unknown 64m Nelson Rocks
5.12c Jesus Lives
Sport Joshua Tree National Park
5.5 Thin Crack

FFA: John Sanders & Lauren Clayton

Top rope Austin
V7 The Shield Boulder Leavenworth
5.12a Engines of Archimedes Sport Index Town Walls
5.10b V0 To The Moon Trad 11m Laramie
V6 Graffiti Face Project BoulderProject 5m Monico Boulders
5.9 La Cruz De La Norte Sport 32m City of Rocks
5.12+ Project 5.12+ Top rope Seward Highway
5.4 PG13 Milk Money Trad 8m Kiedaisch Point
5.10a Ob- Trad 12m Dona Ana Mountains
5.11a/b The Scorpion Hitchhikers Toilet Bowl Odyssey Sport 17m The Garden
V12 Formula 500 Boulder 6m Denver
V2 PG13 Bulbous Punch Boulder Portsmouth
V0 Town Square Cobbles Boulder 3m Black Mountain
V5 Knowledge Is Power Boulder High Sierra
5.11- Hobbit Pockets Trad Seattle
5.10d Pitch it Here Sport Smith Rock State Park
5.9 Jeckyll And Hyde
Unknown Shawangunks
5.10c A Route Runs through It Unknown Camino Cielo
5.7 Flee Flicker Unknown Salt Lake City
5.10d Center Route
Unknown Yosemite National Park
{AU} V3 # 10 Boulder Lake Tahoe, California Side
5.9 A beautiful life Unknown 15m Sinks Canyon
5.12b Yazuka

FA: Kenny Campbell

Sport 6 Obed National Park
V3 Haunted Harmony Boulder 3m Unaweep Canyon
V2/3 Traverse Boulder 8m Devil's Lake State Park
5.7 PG13 Climbs Like White Elephants Trad 14m Cape Ann
5.10a Where's the John?

To the right of 420 Club and straight up.

Sport 26m, 10 Lake Tahoe, California Side
5.10c The Black Chick Route Trad 27m Clifton Crags
5.10+ Pop Sport 9m Franklin Mountains
V4 Summer Daze
Boulder 5m Rumney
V6 Sardaukar Boulder 3m South Mountain
V3 Heel Or No Deal Boulder Boulder
V0 - 1 Cave Man Crawl Boulder 3m Fort Collins
V6 Approaching Silence Boulder 5m Hall Of Mirrors
5.9 Flying Visit Trad 55m R Crags
5.9 Killers Crack
Trad Rumney
5.8 G Rockaholic
Trad 24m Adirondacks
5.10d III South Ridge, East Side Alpine Rocky Mountain National Park
V2 Hypno High Boulder 3m Hueco Tanks
5.9 Mr. Magoo
Unknown Joshua Tree National Park
5.8 Hot Koko Unknown Leavenworth
5.5 Cake Flake Unknown North Jersey Highlands
5.11c Fender Bender Trad Rocky Mountain National Park
5.8 Rainy Day Dream Away

Poor. Gear to 4", gear anchor. Hands to wide crack. Rappel "Copyright Infringement".

Trad Alabama Hills
5.10d unknown 4 Top rope Valdez Area Rock
V4 Unknown V4 (Lower F5) Boulder Hospital Boulders
V1 I Am The Peg Boulder Mount Rushmore
V2/3 Bunnyhop Variation

Climb 'Bunny Hop' but use the crimps half way instead of dynoing.

Boulder 3m Lincoln Woods State Park
V1 Neon Fudge Boulder Catoctin Mountain Park

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

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