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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ten Pins
V1 Ketchup Boulder
V1 Flake Right Boulder
V1 Hive Boulder 3m
V1 Tree Dab Boulder
V1 Left of Pine Boulder 5m
V0 - 1 Jam Sandwich Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ghetto Superstar
V1 Spirit Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Front Slabs
V1 Night Fever Boulder
V1 Snibe Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mortal Combat
V1 Butter on Bread Boulder
V1 The Chamber Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Turtle Head
V1 Turtle Head Left Boulder 2m
V1 Boy Scout Crack Boulder
V1 Ice Cream Boulder
V1 HP Crack Boulder
V1 Sure Boulder
V1 Contraband Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Middle Skywalker Area
V1 Merlin Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Millipede
V1 Chicks Boulder
V1 Indian Roof Boulder
V1 J.B. Groove Boulder
V1 Unnamed Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Roadside
V1 Groove 2

Climb middle groove

V1 Groove 3

Climb right groove

V1 Dyno Problem

Obvious dyno opposite Lucky Charms. SDS and move left into jugs then big toss to the top.

Boulder 4m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Vandala Boulder
V1 Grape Ape Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mulletino Boulder.
V1 Newman Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Deck Area/Front Slabs
V1 G For Life Boulder 3m
V1 Tork Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Spirit Area
V1 Television Boulder 3m
V1 F.T. Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Wash
V1 The Ocean Boulder 5m
V1/2 Bubba's Trip Across The Ocean Boulder 18m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Warning Signs Boulder
V1 The Gate Boulder 3m
V1 Cicada Song Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Panty Shields Boulde
V1 No-Name V1 Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Whiplash Boulders
V1 Unknown V1 Boulder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Turtle Boulder
V1 V1 Boulder
V1 V1's Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Point Boulders
V1 Tourist Attraction Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Light Post Boulders
V1 Six Pack Boulder 3m
Alabama Steele
5.10 Death Row
5.10b/c PG13 Gaia Trad 24m
5.10b/c Lone Wolf On the Far Ridge Trad 23m
5.10a/b PG13 Scooter Girl Trad 24m
5.10b/c Mean Lean Sport 21m
5.10 A0 PG13 Squaw Trad 24m
5.10 Minnie Driver Sport 15m
5.10 Wilderness Socialism Trad 20m
5.10 Rainbow Arch Trad 23m
5.10b Suspended Animation Trad 21m
Alabama Palisades Park
5.10 Mickey's Mantle
Unknown 21m
5.10b My Little Pocket Frog Trad 18m
5.10b Night of the climbing dead Top rope 15m
5.10 Unnamed Arête Trad 14m
5.10 Kodiak Arrest Top rope 21m
5.10 Marginal Monster (M&M) Trad 18m
5.10b/c Christmas Crack Trad 18m
Alabama Sandrock
5.10c Green Gully
5.10b They Call Me Cruiser
Sport 25m
5.10 Six Toes
5.10c 5C Wall of Horns

FA: Shannon Stegg

Boulder 24m
5.10c Muffins are Burning
5.10 5C Conglomernaut
Boulder 21m
5.10c Cinco De Mayo

Start is the far left corner of Holiday Block, just left of Plush and around the corner from Sandrewf. There is a big boulder and tree just behind the climb.

Sport 12m, 5
5.10 Oyster

FA: Johnny Arms

Sport 21m
5.10c Wilma
5.10c Fred
5.10b Glasstic
Unknown 18m
Alabama Sandrock The Pinnacle
5.10 Hairbrained
Trad 30m
5.10b/c Pin Chimney Direct
5.10b Logan's Run
Trad 21m
5.10c Valdez, The
Trad 18m
Alabama Sandrock Fireplace Rock
V1 Dial a Yield
Boulder 5m
V1/2 PG13 Inverted chin ups
Boulder 6m
Alabama Sandrock New Wall
5.10b/c Overboard
Sport 9m
5.10a/b Johnny Five
Sport 11m
5.10b/c unkown 8
Sport 9m
Alabama Sandrock Sun Wall
5.10c Ale 81
Sport 18m
5.10c/d Autumn Regatta
Trad 24m
5.10c/d Crack in the Sky
Trad 24m
Alabama Sandrock Boy Scout Wall
5.10b/c R Unknown Offwidth
Trad 9m
Alabama Sandrock Jaws Block/West Side Rock
5.10c/d A Little Help From My Friends
Trad 9m
Alabama Sandrock Grotto
5.10c Three's Company
Sport 12m
Alabama Sandrock The Sandtrap
5.10c/d Harvest Moon
Trad 20m
5.10 Sandburger Platter
Trad 23m
Alabama Sandrock The Flintstone
5.10b Too Pumped Chump
Sport 12m
Alabama Griffin Falls
5.10c Flap Jack
5.10b Dead Letter Office Sport 12m
Alabama Jamestown
5.10 Cinnamon Girls
5.10c Bishop of Krunk
5.10c Sideways Glance
5.10 Animal Farm
5.10c Bulge Busters
5.10 The Harvest
5.10b Scarecrow
Alabama Jamestown Harvest Wall
5.10 Bandy Rooster Trad 24m
Alabama Jamestown Winter Wall
5.10c/d Cinnamon Boys Trad 27m
5.10 Squeaky Clean Trad 24m
Alabama Jamestown White Wall
5.10b Autumn Sonata Trad 27m

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

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