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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Front Slabs
V6 The Wood Boulder
V6 Spandex Ballet(low) Boulder
V6 Permanent Scream Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Turtle Head
V6 Citadel Problem Boulder
V5/6 Old Inspiration. Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Millipede
V6 Moone Arete Boulder
V6 Sideline Boulder
V6 Out the Box Boulder
V6 Trick or Treat Boulder
V6 700 Club Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Roadside
V6 two bloody ankles Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Slider
V6 Selective Mechanics Boulder
V6 Boomslang Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 High Life
V6 Getcha Some Boulder
V6 Redneck Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Vandala Boulder
V6 Kingpin Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Warning Signs Boulder
V6 Clearance Boulder 3m
V5/6 Warning Signs Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Whiplash Boulders
V6 Webb Option Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Flow Area
V6/7 The Flow Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Suspicion Boulders
V6 Drainpipe Boulder 3m
V6 Flexor Boulder 3m
Alabama Steele
5.12d Fyling Circus
5.12 project on Wolf Wall Sport 23m
Alabama Palisades Park
5.12 Tinkerbell Top rope 18m
5.12 April Fools Top rope
5.12+ Captain Hook Top rope 12m
Alabama Sandrock The Hole
V5/6 Eclipse
Boulder 5m
5.12c Vicious
Sport 11m
Alabama Sandrock Sun Wall
5.12b/c Pretty Vacant
5.12c PG13 Nothingness
Sport 15m
5.12d Dream Crusher
Sport 12m
5.12c/d Dreamworld
Sport 23m
5.12d Abandoned Ship
Sport 11m
Alabama Sandrock Turtle Rock
5.12d Toxic
Sport 11m
5.12 unknown white rock route
Sport 15m
Alabama Sandrock The Islands
5.12c The Peanut
Alabama Sandrock Grotto
5.12d Mud Wall
5.12c/d Fierce
5.12c/d Champagne Jam
Alabama Jamestown
5.12c Full Frontal
Alabama Little River Canyon Lizard Wall
5.12d Decay

Extension past the anchor of Rotten Pillar through the roof.

Sport 9
5.12b/c Dark Star Sport 5
5.12b/c Permatorque Sport 7
5.12c Short Doug Sport 4
5.12c/d Long Doug Sport 10
5.12d Ron Swanson Sport 8
5.12b/c Snake Sport 5
5.12b/c Gecko Sport 7
5.12b/c Supplication Sport 5
5.12c Elevator Door Sport 6
5.12c Distorto Sport
Alabama Little River Canyon Jungle Gym
5.12d Orangutang Sport 5
5.12 Rambling Ring Snake Trad
5.12d Variation Sport 7
5.12d Heart of Darkness Sport 7
5.12c Rumble in the Jungle

FA: Jake Slaney

Sport 6
5.12 Maurice's Crack Trad
5.12d Porter's Arete Sport 7
Alabama Little River Canyon Unshackled
5.12d Zemphyr Sport
5.12d Not my Problem Sport
Alabama Little River Canyon Crazy House
5.12c solitary confinment
Alabama Little River Canyon Toomsuba
5.12b/c Two Minute Hate Sport
5.12d Hang Me Sport
5.12c Take Sport
5.12c Majosha Sport 18m
5.12+ Spellbound Sport 14m
5.12c Double Aught Sport 17m
5.12c Id Sport
5.12c Reflex Sport
Alabama Little River Canyon Brandnewbia
5.12c Egyptian Orgasm Sport
Alabama Boulderfields/Moss Rock Preserve
V6 Supertrip

A ground-munching low ball cave traverse. The crux is getting your ass off the ground.

Alabama Boulderfields/Moss Rock Preserve Ozzy Area
V6 Pile Boulder 2m
V6 Tommy H. Boulder 6m
Alabama Boulderfields/Moss Rock Preserve Grass Man Area
V6 The Snake Boulder 3m
V6 Lesseract Boulder
V6 Eyeflies Boulder 3m
Alabama Boulderfields/Moss Rock Preserve Lost Roof Area
V6/7 I'll Tumble for Ya Boulder 3m
Alabama Smith Mountain Big Boss Man Wall
V6 Suryadu Boulder 8m
Alabama Yellow Bluff Right Side Cliff
5.12d Steam Room Board Meeting Sport 9m
5.12b/c Vulgar and Rude Sport 21m
5.12 Leaky Faucet Sport 23m
5.12d FPM Sport
5.12c/d Cultural Diversity Sport 23m
5.12 Hollowman Trad 23m
Alabama Hospital Boulders Barn Area
V6 Eye Problem Boulder
V6 Chicken Foot Boulder
V6 Spooky Motion Boulder
V6 Solar Oven Boulder
V6/7 Mosquito Technique Boulder
Alabama Hospital Boulders Eddie Area
V6 Deadhead Boulder
V6 No Parking on the Dance Floor Boulder
V6 Trepanation Kit Boulder
V6 Seis Boulder
V6 Hubris Boulder
V6 Spineless Climb Boulder
V6 One in Pink Boulder
V6 Unknown V6 (Eddie C3) Boulder
Alabama Hospital Boulders Lower Area
V6 Scarecrow Boulder
Alaska Wiener Lake The Amphitheatre
5.12c King size

1 p : 5.12b 9 bolts Gear 3 " . Begin off the boulder onto the ramp and head left to the hand crack . 2p : 5.12c 7 bolts. Pass the anchor of the first pitch that you can see from the ground and climb for 2 more bolts to another 2 bolts chain anchor .From the second anchor follow three more bolts until it meets with The way of the weiner and follow to the anchor .

Sport 2, 16

Showing 1 - 100 out of 6,101 routes.

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