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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ten Pins
V0 Silky Boulder
V0 The Rail Boulder
V0 Pocket Pool Boulder
V0 Stare Boulder
V0 The Drop Boulder 3m
V0 Flake Left Boulder 3m
V0 - 1 Jam Sandwich Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ghetto Superstar
V0 Interact Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Front Slabs
V0 Mino Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mortal Combat
V0 Bueno Boulder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Middle Skywalker Area
V0 V0 Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Middle Out of the Box area
V0 Ticket Home Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Roadside
V0 Groove 1

Climb leftmost groove

Alabama Horse Pens 40 High Life
V0 HL Slab

Favours the tall, very reachy move. Won't feel V0 if you are much less than 6 foot.

Boulder 10m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Vandala Boulder
V0 Skeleton Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mulletino Boulder.
V0 Curb Smile Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Deck Area/Front Slabs
V0 Deck Crack Boulder 3m
V0 Debirth: Cult of the Unborn Boulder 3m
V0 Green Velvet Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Spirit Area
V0 On the Side Boulder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Wash
V0 High Chair Boulder 5m
V0 Water and Time Boulder 5m
V0 Lilly Boulder 5m
V0 Pink Flowers Boulder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Natural Boulder
V0 Jonesin Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Whiplash Boulders
V0 Always Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Turtle Boulder
V0 Three V0'S Boulder 2m
V0 No-Name V0 Boulder 2m
V0 V0 Boulder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Supa Coola Area
V0 JB 1 Boulder 3m
V0 JB 2 Boulder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Flat Roof Boulder
V0 Bye Tree Boulder 3m
Alabama Steele
5.8 The Bolt
5.8 Lazer
5.8 Graham's Crack

Hand crack with a tricky, well protected crux as you pull the bulge. You will need to think about that move!

Trad 21m
5.8 Stepping Out

15ft right of the large Oak tree, left of Grahams Crack. Climb the hand crack up to the ledge, then up the thin fingers crack to a stance. Easy climbing as you arch right then back left on jugs to the anchors.

Trad 27m
5.8 Welcome to Steele Trad 24m
5.8 Steele Head Trad 15m
5.8 PG13 Divine Wind Trad 23m
Alabama Palisades Park
5.8 Unnamed 7" Right of Boobs
5.8 Steeples
Unknown 24m
5.8 jumpin jeff flash
Unknown 21m
5.8 Nine to Five
Unknown 21m
5.8 Webs
Unknown 21m
5.8 Whip Me, Beat Me Trad 18m
5.8 R&D Trad 15m
5.8 The Nose Trad 23m
5.8 Three's A Charm Trad 17m
Alabama Sandrock
5.8 Pin Chimney
Unknown 27m
5.8 Windows (First Black in Space Direct)

Toprope only!

FA: Shannon Stegg & Forrest Gardner

Unknown 26m
5.8 Pebble Power

FA: Shannon Stegg & Stewart Coffield

5.8 Faith

FA: Shannon Stegg & Curtis Glass

Unknown 24m
5.8 on the beach
5.8 Mark's Menace

Just left of Launchitude and right of My Dog Has Fleas. Big jugs and shelves are hard to miss. No anchor.

Trad 18m
5.8 Easy 8 (Kennel Club)

FA: Johnny Arms

Sport 18m
Alabama Sandrock The Pinnacle
5.8 Loosy Goosy
Trad 24m
5.8 Crack a Smile
Trad 24m
5.8 Magical Branding Iron
Trad 24m
5.8 Logan's Walk
Trad 15m
Alabama Sandrock Holiday Block
5.8 That Eight
Sport 18m
5.8 Bird in Hand
Trad 21m
Alabama Sandrock Fireplace Rock
5.7 V0 First Beginning
Sport 11m
V0 PG13 Chin Ups
Alabama Sandrock The Hole
5.8 Eight In The Hole
Sport 12m
Alabama Sandrock New Wall
5.8 unknown 1
Sport 11m
5.8 Captain Ron
Sport 11m
5.8 fat boy
Sport 9m
Alabama Sandrock Sun Wall
5.8 First Black in Space
Trad 15m
5.8 Hey Y'all -- Watch This!
Trad 21m
5.8 unknown 1
Trad 23m
5.8 Larry
Trad 21m
5.8 Pop Tarts
Trad 12m
Alabama Sandrock Boy Scout Wall
5.8 PG13 Neckerchief?
Trad 11m
Alabama Sandrock Jaws Block/West Side Rock
5.8 Kitty Litter
Trad 18m
Alabama Sandrock Turtle Rock
5.8 PG13 Shallow Stemming Corner
Trad 12m
Alabama Sandrock The Islands
5.8 Julory
Sport 9m
5.8 Thin's Bottom Bitch
Sport 6m
Alabama Griffin Falls
5.8 Lazy Eight
5.8 Dive bar Trad 18m
Alabama Jamestown
5.8 Pickin' & Grinnin'
5.8 Truth of Consequences
5.8 Pigsty
5.8 Winter's Respite
Alabama Jamestown Harvest Wall
5.8 Day Shift Dancer Trad 21m
Alabama Boulderfields/Moss Rock Preserve Grass Man Area
V0 Poison Ivy Boulder 6m
Alabama Smith Mountain Down Stairs
V0 - 1 Big Hugs Boulder 3m
V0 Into the cave Boulder 3m
5.8 Blood Sport Top rope 11m
5.8 Rope Eater Arête Top rope 9m
Alabama Smith Mountain Fire Down Below Boulders
V0 PG13 Baby Jaws Top rope 6m
Alabama Bankhead Forest Ship Rock
V0 - 1 Bubba Boulder 3m
5.8 Father and Son Trad 18m
Alabama Bankhead Forest Thompson Creek Trail Will Robinson Area
5.8 Bombs Away Trad 21m
Alabama Yellow Bluff Bouldering
V0 Grandma's First Boulder
Alabama Yellow Bluff The Tower
5.8 V1 just enough Trad 11m
Alabama Yellow Bluff Right Side Cliff
5.8 Outstanding Sport
5.8 Reach Around Trad 15m
5.8 Prince Albert Trad
5.8 Black Hole Sport 9m
5.8 Strutin Sport 6m

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

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