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FFA: Tim Kemple Jr., 1999

FFA: Dave Graham, 1998

FA: John Mallery, 1993

FFA: Lee Hansche, 2011

Open Project between 'Hawaii 5-0' and 'Jaws II'

FFA: Dave Graham, 1998

Originally by Jaws (5.14b) by Dave Graham. Two key holds broke off making it considerably harder, thus the II.

FFA: Vasya Vorotnikov, 2007

FFA: Dave Graham, 1999

Linkup of bottom of China Beach and top of Livin' Astro. Complement of Livin Astroglide.

FFA: Pete Kamitses

Linkup of bottom of Livin' Astro and top of China Beach. Complement of China Glide.

FFA: Joe Kinder

FFA: Dave Graham, 1999

FFA: Tim Gotwols, 1987

Extension of 'That Crack'

FFA: Scott Stevenson & Alan Cattabriga, 1989

Yes, it's named "Open Project" even though it's not a project.

Above Great White.

FA: Dave Graham, 1998

FFA: John Mallery, 1993

FFA: John Mallery, 1993

Variation of Waimea that splits right to trad.

Extension of Waimea

FA: Chris Smith, 1995

FA: Tom Bowker, 1989

FA: Dave Quinn, 1994

FFA: John Mallery, 1993

FFA: John Mallery & Wayne Burleson, 1993

Linkup of Mr. Gerbick into Muscle Beach

FFA: Dave Sharrat, 2006

Holds have broken since the first ascent.

FFA: Luke Parady & Dave Graham, 1999

FFA: Dave Quinn, 1994

FA: Chris Smith, 1994

FFA: Ted Hammond, 1987

FFA: Tom Armstrong, 1987

FFA: Craig Smith, 1992

FFA: Mark Sprague, 1994

FA: Scott Stevenson & Alan Cattabriga, 1988

FFA: John Mallery, 1990

FA: George Squibb, John Mallery & Rich Andrew, 1989

FFA: Dave Graham, 1998

FFA: Mark Sprague, 1995

FA: John Mallery & Dave Jacobson, 1989

FFA: Ward Smith, 1997

FA: Steve Burgerella, 1995

FA: Dave Graham & Luke Parady, 1999

FA: Dave Graham, 2000

Also climbed as V14 high ball.

Set: Mark Sprague, 1995

FA: Dave Graham, 2000

FFA: Chris Smith, 1995

FA: Bradley White & Tom Bowker, 1987


FFA: Ted Hammond, 1990

Contraction of 'Urban Surfer'

FFA: Dave Graham, 1999

FFA: Ward Smith

FFA: Ward Smith, 1995

Linkup of 'Barracuda' into 'Urban Surfer'

FFA: Ward Smith, 1994

FFA: Joe Kinder, 2002

FA: Dave Graham, 1998

FFA: Dave Graham, 1998

FA: Erik Mushial, 1999

FFA: Alan Cattabriga, 1990

FFA: Joe Kinder, 2000

FFA: Luke Parady, 2000

FFA: Dave Graham, 1998

FA: Todd Bradlee, 1999

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