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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Little Stony Man
5.9 Double Overhang
Unknown 30m
Old Rag Mountain Sunset Walls Upper Sunset Wall
5.9 Green Face
Unknown 17m
Old Rag Mountain Summit Area
5.9 Groovy
Old Rag Mountain Skyline Wall (PATC Wall)
5.9 Hemlock Crack
Unknown 23m
5.9 #10 Hex Offwidth
Unknown 23m
Old Rag Mountain Reflector Oven
5.9 Strawberry Fields P1

You get to the reflector oven by turning left off the ridge trail, just after the first set of overlooks. The trail gets to a ridge and you bushwhack down through a gorge. At the bottom of the gorge turn right, walking under a massive rock leaning against the wall. Walk along the wall and you will come to the Strawberry Fields crack. Crack is straight up. Report to Sick Bay is the corner crack to the left of Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Fields is a mix of finger and fist jambs. Tape up. Plenty of friction for the toes. Requires friends (or chocks) and some nuts. If you do just the first half then rappel off the flake. You'll know when you get there. I've done this one a million times.

Trad 20m
Old Rag Mountain God's Area Upper God's Area
5.9 Don't Bother Calling Home
Unknown 12m
Old Rag Mountain God's Area Patio Ledge Routes
5.9 Toothe 'n' Nail
Old Rag Mountain God's Area Briar Ledge Routes
5.9 Dayglow
Old Rag Mountain God's Area Middle God's Area, Right
5.9 Golden Showers
Unknown 18m
5.9 Praying Mantle
5.9 Leitmotif
Unknown 12m
5.9 Midlife Crisis
Old Rag Mountain God's Area Lower God's Area
5.9 Bermuda Triangle
5.9 Short 'n' Schweet
Old Rag Mountain Whale's Lip
5.9 Pincer Perfect
5.9 Archful Dodger
5.9 Archful Dodger Direct
Old Rag Mountain Eagle's Gift
5.9 A Visit from Juan
South District Loft Mountain Frazier Discovery Trail Boulders
V0+ Middle Crack Boulder 3m
South District Fork Moorman's Area Lower River Feeder Stream Boulders Foliage Boulder Wall
V0 PG13 Rain Or Not? Boulder 3m
South District Fork Moorman's Area Lower River Uphill Crag 1
V0+ Blood On The Tracks Boulder 6m
V0 Girl In The War Boulder 6m
V0+ Wolves In The Timber Boulder 8m
South District Fork Moorman's Area Lower River Uphill Crag 2
5.9 PG13 Chin Up, Cheer Up Top rope 8m
5.9 Thin Blue Flame Top rope 15m
5.9 Gold Leafed Pyramids Top rope 12m
South District Mccormick Gap Boulders Lincoln On The Lid Boulder
V0+ PG13 Unplugged Boulder 3m
South District Mccormick Gap Boulders Beautiful Sorta Boulders Right Most Boulder
V0+ Binding Boulder 3m
North District Fort Windham Rocks
V0 Stinky Green Boulder 3m
White Oak Canyon Upper Falls Wall
5.9 Elbows Deep Trad 24m

Showing all 31 routes.

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