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Author(s): East Wind Design

Date: 2021

ISBN: 9780999723357

Color 3rd Edition:
Providing an in-depth look at many premier rock climbing sites within a relatively convenient drive from Portland, the color 3rd edition of Northwest Oregon Rock helps you ascend to the next degree.
  • Informative beta details 800+ routes at over 75 different rock climbing sites across Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington, including both sides of the Cascades
  • Climbing sites include Chimney Rocks, Horsethief Butte, Enola, Pete's Pile, Bulo Point, Area51 and the summit of Needle Rock, among other crags and alpine pinnacles
  • This definitive reference guidebook will help you focus on your next climbing goal with rich details, effective route beta, detailed ink topos and photographic maps

Author(s): East Wind Design

Date: 2019

ISBN: 9780999723326

Featuring the best bouldering sites in the Columbia River Gorge, Gorge Bouldering Select captures the essence of its core areas with valuable details and photographs as your guide to scale the rocks.

Bouldering sites featured include Larch Mountain Boulders, Alpenglow Boulders, Hamilton Boulders, Horsethief Butte and Empire Boulders

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