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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
5.10+ Just A Little Lunch Break Trad 18m Needles
5.7 X Bacon Strip Sport 15m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Scheherazade Trad 40m Needles
5.11+ Leaping Lemurs Trad 30m Needles
5.10 Smoke Signals Trad 30m Needles
5.11+ Mystery Box Trad 61m, 3 Needles
5.10+ PG13 Enigma With A Stigma Trad 61m, 3 Needles
5.10- Hidden Agenda Trad 37m Needles
5.9 Behind The Scenes Trad 37m Needles
5.11 Veiled Virgin Trad 49m, 2 Needles
5.10+ The Ramshackler Trad 58m, 2 Needles
5.9 PG13 East Rib Trad 61m, 2 Needles
5.9 Flouride Treatment Sport Needles
5.12- Curt Marshaled Sport 15m Needles
5.11 Pearly Whites Sport 15m Needles
5.10a/b Laughing Gas Sport Needles
5.8 Conn Route Trad 91m, 3 Needles
5.7 Connspire Trad Needles
5.6 PG13 Route 1 Trad 37m, 2 Needles
5.3 The Buttonhole Trad 15m Needles
5.3 PG13 Conn Route Trad 55m Needles
5.11- Energy Crisis Trad 15m Needles
5.10+ Just My Baby And Me Sport 15m Needles
5.10+ X Cleveland Route Trad 24m Needles
5.11 X Pete Cleveland Route Trad 40m Needles
5.10 X Barber Route Trad 49m Needles
5.9 Cyanide Trad 18m Needles
5.10 R Heads You Win Trad 24m Needles
5.9 PG13 Route One Trad 27m Needles
5.9 Tee The Ball Trad 50m Needles
5.11a The Queen's Gambit Sport 15m Needles
5.11a Off With Their Heads Sport 15m Needles
5.10b Dairy Queen Sport 15m Needles
5.9 Standard Route Sport 21m Needles
5.8 Pop-Top Trad Needles
5.8 Fintastic Direct Sport Needles
5.8 Anchors Away Sport 18m Needles
5.8 Falcon Trad 18m Needles
5.8 I Gotta Take A Crack Trad 18m Needles
5.10 R Tunes Trad 18m Needles
5.8 R Impuissant - Impotent Sport 20m Needles
5.10a Loss Of Sensation Sport 21m Needles
5.8 R Trojan Determination Sport 21m Needles
5.8 Regular Route Trad 12m Needles
5.9 On Little Cat Feet Trad 18m Needles
5.10d X Quartz Jester Trad 27m Needles
5.10- PG13 Organized Crime Sport 24m Needles
5.8 Conn Route Trad 27m Needles
5.9 Laptad-Prince Route Trad 37m Needles
5.10d R East Face Rotert Trad 30m Needles
5.10- R Unknown Sport 24m Needles
5.8 Cerberus Trad 21m Needles
5.10 Persistence Sport 24m Needles
5.8 X Patience Sport 24m Needles
5.8 R North Arête Trad 21m Needles
5.8 X East Face Trad 24m Needles
5.7 Totem Pole Trad 21m, 2 Needles
5.11 Shiver Me Timbers Sport 35m Needles
5.10 R Nantucket Sleighride Trad 46m Needles
5.7 Moby Dick Standard Routes Trad 12m Needles
5.7 Whale'N Sport 18m Needles
5.11a R Pins and Needles Trad 30m Needles
5.5 PG13 Wigwam Trad Needles
5.6 East Ridge Trad 12m Needles
5.6 North Face Trad 21m Needles
5.7 PG13 The T Trad Needles
5.3 Conn Route Trad Needles
5.10- Fiddler On The Route Trad 30m Needles
5.12+ PG13 Dance With The Dragon Trad 24m Needles
5.4 X Leaning Tower Trad 18m Needles
Class 5 Unknown Sport Needles
5.8 A2 Hydrogen Psychosis Trad 17m Needles
5.6 The Horse Girl Trad 58m, 2 Needles
5.6 Conn Route Trad 4 Needles
5.3 X La Mémoire Trad 43m, 2 Needles
V6/7 Curt Love Problem Boulder 5m Needles
V4 Trails End Boulder 6m Needles
V3 One Flew Over The Cukoos Nest Trad 12m Needles
VB Between A Rock And A Hard Place Boulder 5m Needles
V1 Choss And Moss Boulder 8m Needles
5.7 R The Hideout Trad 17m Needles
5.8 R The Granite Bandit Trad 18m Needles
5.9 Horning Route Trad Needles
5.10+ Resurrection Top Rope. Trad Needles
5.10b/c Voodoo Sport Needles
5.8 Banshee Trad Needles
5.8 Gospel According To John Sport Needles
5.6 Conn Route Trad Needles
5.8 Redemption Trad Needles
5.9 unknown Trad Needles
5.9 The End Is Near Sport Needles
5.7 Repent Now! Sport Needles
5.9 Fatted Calf Sport Needles
5.8 Resurrection Sport Needles
5.6 Evans Route Trad 24m Needles
5.10a Beyond The Door Trad Needles
5.9 Cascade Sport 18m Needles
5.10 California Screamin' Sport Needles
5.6 Conn Route Trad Needles
5.12 The Iceman Climbeth Sport 24m Needles

Showing 1 - 100 out of 510 routes.

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