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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Bell Tower and Needle's Eye Gnomon Area Seashell
5.11b Just when the Going gets a little Tougher

Bolted line facing the road, left of crack

Bell Tower and Needle's Eye Needle's Eye Area Bell Tower
5.11b R For Whom The Bell Tolls Sport 24m
Bell Tower and Needle's Eye Needle's Eye Area Gnomon
5.11c/d Horseshoes And Hand Grenades Trad 12m
Bell Tower and Needle's Eye Needle's Eye Area Bloody Spire
5.11 PG13 Fearless Bleeder Trad 24m
Bell Tower and Needle's Eye Needle's Eye Area Immagination Spires
5.11 Limited Immunity Sport 15m
Switchbacks & Ten Pins
5.11 Energy Crisis
Switchbacks & Ten Pins Superpin
5.11 X Pete Cleveland Route Trad 40m
Switchbacks & Ten Pins Moby Dick
5.11 Shiver Me Timbers Sport 35m
Sylvan Lake Outlets Inner Outlet
5.11 PG13 Honey, I Shrunk My Nads Trad 43m
Sylvan Lake Outlets Paydirt Pinnacle
5.11 Chedaryl Trad 27m
Sylvan Lake Outlets Outer Outlet
5.11c Stainless Steel Shield Trad 91m, 3
Sylvan Lake Outlets Runner Rock
5.11 PG13 Rockwalk Trad 37m
Sylvan Lake Campground Boulder
V3 North Mantle Trad 5m
V3 R Central Yellow Wall Top rope 6m
Sylvan Lake Honey Moon Boulders Lune De Miel Boulder
V3 The 40 Year Old Virgin Boulder 5m
V3/4 Broken Dreams Boulder 5m
Sylvan Lake Honey Moon Boulders Deep Woods Boulder
V3 PG13 Deep Woods Boulder 3m
Sylvan Lake Honey Moon Boulders The Samurai Boulder
V3 R Death By Bukkake Boulder 5m
Sylvan Lake Northeast Gully Boulders Dimple Boulder
V3 Pelvic Thrust Boulder
Sylvan Lake Throne Boulders Vantage Point Boulder
V3 Cling Wrap Boulder 5m
Sylvan Lake The Don Juan Boulder
V3 Arête Boulder
Sylvan Lake Acid Test Boulder
5.11c/d Acid Test Trad
Sylvan Lake Middle Earth Fanghorn Hills
5.11b/c Precious Trad 23m
Sylvan Lake Middle Earth Ered Lithui
5.11a/b Goldberry Lane Sport 21m
Sylvan Lake Middle Earth Near Downs
5.11 Ghostwriter Sport 35m
Sylvan Lake Photographers' Peak Area Photographer's Peak
5.11c/d Aggressive Tendoncies Trad 76m, 2
5.11c Modeling In The Nude Sport 24m
Valley View Dome
V3 One Flew Over The Cukoos Nest Trad 12m
Picket Fence Incisor
5.11 Pearly Whites Sport 15m
Picket Fence Mystery Spires
5.11 Veiled Virgin Trad 49m, 2

Showing all 30 routes.

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