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Mount Rushmore

Climbing in or close to the Mt Rushmore National Monument.

Wrinkled Rock
Wrinkled Rock
5.13a Tomcat Tracer
5.11c Double Chin
5.11c Oh, Sheri!
5.11c Wrinkle in Time
20 LH climb(slab)
17 middle climb(arete)
15 RH climb (fold)
5.8 Thwart Hog
5.6 The Good Stuff
5.5 Wrinkled Rib Left
5.7 Wrinkled Rib Right
5.8 The Better Stuff
Five Alive Boulder
Wrinkled Rock Five Alive Boulder
V6 Eric's Flashy Oddity
V4 Five Alive
V0+ Warm Up
Wrinkled Rock
Dynamometer Block
Wrinkled Rock Dynamometer Block
V1 East Face Warm Up
V5 The Masochist
V6/7 PG13 Blast Wave
Wrinkled Rock
Heavy Breathing Boulder
Wrinkled Rock Heavy Breathing Boulder
V3 Bad Music
V4 Fall Guy
V5 Heavy Breathing
V5/6 Two Trashy Dykes
Wrinkled Rock
5.4 X North Slabs
5.7 Forgotten Love
5.8 R Big Ones Need Love Too
5.9 PG13 May-December Romance
5.10- PG13 Love Above
5.10+ Recycled Love
5.11- Love Below
5.9 PG13 Dumb Decision
5.9 PG13 Postcards From Sierra
5.10 Borglum Memorial
Chopping Block
Chopping Block
5.11d Twelve White Sticks
5.10a Baba Cool
5.11b Meat Means Murder
5.8 Great Chimney
5.14a Going up to Harlem with a Pistol in My Jeans
5.10- Wisconsin Beef
Pine Tree Rock
Chopping Block Pine Tree Rock
5.9 Emergency Snow Route
5.10- Summer School
5.9 Ate One Today
5.9 Evergreen
5.10+ Kiss My Aspen
5.11a Bruiser
Chopping Block
Birthday Rock
Chopping Block Birthday Rock
5.9 Beer, Bikinis, and B-52s
Chopping Block
5.3 X Chopping Block
5.9 Valdez Overhang
5.11+ Tender Vittles
5.13c A Sioux Named Boy
Three Amigos Boulder
Chopping Block Three Amigos Boulder
VB Ned Nederlander
V2 You Son Of A Motherless Goat
V2 El Guapo
V3 Dusty Bottom
V4 My Little Buttercup
V5 Cottage Built For Two
V6 Lucky Day
V7 Quiet Desperation
V7 A Fall Farewell
V8 Dyke Dream
Chopping Block
Chopping Block Veiny
5.7 Lichen Divorce
5.7 Buddha Boys
5.10 Slap Happy
V1 PG13 Cluster Bomb
V1 Break Away
V3 One Time This, Next Time That
5.4 Beetle Kill
5.6 Beyond Beauty
5.7 Unknown 5.7
5.7 Balls And Bruans
5.7 Dirty Little Secrets
5.10a Hail Betty
5.9 Broken Beliefs
5.10a Burley Buttress
5.10 Existential Angst
5.10b Elephant With Yellow Bandanas
5.10 Unknown
5.10 Tenuous
5.10c Babob
5.10c Slap Happy 2
Chopping Block
Ugly Duckling Boulder
Chopping Block Ugly Duckling Boulder
V8/9 Battle Of The Shadows
V3 Ugly Duckling
V9/10 No More Mr. T
V7 Vise Grips
Chopping Block
Meat Counter
Chopping Block Meat Counter
V4 Static Cling
V5 Radar Direct
V6 Steady Rollin
V7/8 Span Man
V10 PG13 Over The Radar

Showing 1 - 100 out of 1,016 nodes.

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