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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Wrinkled Rock
{AU} 20 LH climb(slab)
Unknown 12m
5.10+ Recycled Love Sport 30m
5.11- Love Below Trad 30m
5.10 Borglum Memorial Trad 18m
Chopping Block Pine Tree Rock
5.10+ Kiss My Aspen
5.11a Bruiser Sport 21m
Chopping Block Three Amigos Boulder
V2 You Son Of A Motherless Goat Boulder 3m
V2 El Guapo Boulder 3m
Chopping Block Veiny
5.10 Slap Happy Sport 18m
5.10 Existential Angst Sport 15m
5.10 Unknown Top rope 15m
5.10 Tenuous Sport 9m
Chopping Block Meat Counter
5.10+ Juicy Lucy Trad 18m
5.11 Lean Years Sport 12m
Chopping Block Razorback
5.11- R Baby Please Sport 24m
Chopping Block The Butcher's Hand
5.11 Blood Sausage Sport 14m
Chopping Block North Park Veiny
5.10+ Tree Grease Trad 12m
Chopping Block The Shrub
5.11- Regional Dialect Trad 27m
Middle Marker Area
5.10 Moonstone
5.10 Rum and Coke
5.10 Skid Marks
Unknown 21m
5.10 Corruption is Contagious
Unknown 30m
South Seas
5.10d Skin To Win
Unknown 18m
5.11 Dykes Next Door Sport
5.10 Ankles Away
5.10 W.A.S.P.
5.10 Banner Year for the Bender House
South Seas Hornet's Nest West Side
5.11a Mr. Critical Direct Finish
South Seas Shipyard Rock
5.10+ Tuck And Roll Sport 21m
South Seas Sharks Fin
5.11- Shark Attack

Starts easy with a really low first bolt, to a steep and thin finish.

Shares anchor with "Shark Bait" and "Shark's Breath".

Sport 30m, 14
South Seas Borneo
5.10+ Pelican's Dike (Original) Sport
5.11 Spinal Tap Sport
South Seas Hornets Nest
5.10 Bug's Tomorrow Sport 15m
South Seas Cavity
5.10 Misty Morning Sport 12m
South Seas Child's Molar
5.10+ Ethical Decay Sport 27m
South Seas Java
5.10 Climb-Us Interuptus Trad 26m
South Seas Squirrels Nest
5.10 PG13 Nuts To You Trad 15m
5.11- Squirreled Away Sport 18m
5.10+ Turkey Baster Sport 12m
South Seas Cornflake
5.10c/d Cereal Killer Sport 21m
South Seas
V1/2 All Systems Go Boulder
V1/2 Lights And Buzz Boulder 3m
Breezy Point
5.10+ Loose Cannon Trad 12m
5.10+ Around The Corner Sport 15m
5.11- Sassy Trad 15m
5.11 Crimp-Son & Clover Trad 29m
5.10 Podnme Trad 29m
5.10+ Little White Lies Sport 17m
5.10 Spunky Monkey Trad 24m
5.10d Death Sentence Sport 15m
Breezy Point Scenic Point The Scenic Boulder
V2 Loose Control Boulder 6m
Breezy Point Scenic Point Lanky
V2 Lanky Boulder 8m
Breezy Point The North Seas The Venue A Fate Worst Than Death Bouldder
V2 The Mantis Boulder
Breezy Point Grotto
5.10+ R Narrow Escape Trad 24m
5.10d Don't Shoot, I'm Only The Belayer Trad 30m
5.11a The Safety Blade Sport 24m
Breezy Point Brad's Boner
5.11 The Devine Line Trad 14m
Breezy Point Lost Arrow Spire
5.10 The Bein Crack Trad 23m
Breezy Point
5.10 Black Friday Sport 18m
5.11 The Gift Trad 18m
5.10+ Unforgivable Acts Trad 30m
5.10+ Sinful Act Trad 32m
5.10+ Fleming's Hand Trad 34m
5.11 Suicide Kings Trad 34m
5.10+ Smear Campaign Trad 98m, 3
5.10 The Engagement Sport 34m
5.11 Bolt Of Rights Trad 37m
5.10 Ihop Trad 37m
5.10 Garfield's Forgiven Affair Trad 23m
5.10+ PG13 Wife Sentence Trad 21m
5.11- The Jingoist Trad 79m, 3
5.10+ Susi's Garden Trad 30m
5.10+ Swamp Donkey Trad 34m
Emancipation The Manhattan Boulders Atomic Boulder
V2 Atomic Weiner Boulder
Emancipation The Roadside Jumble The Loaf
V2 Cougars Nest Boulder
Emancipation The Roadside Jumble Lies Boulder
V2 Rock A Rolla Boulder
V2 Rockbiter Boulder
V2 Santa Loves Libre Boulder
V2 Roadside Slab Boulder
Emancipation Dealership Area Spat Boulder
V2 Spat Boulder
V2 Single Parents Alone Together Boulder
Emancipation Dealership Area Mini Marker
V2 Rain Fingers Boulder
5.10 The Truman Crack Trad 55m
5.11- The Buck Stops Here Trad 120m, 4
5.11 X Abandoned By Love Trad
Mount Baldy The Mountain Top Quartz Cave
V2 Mini Buffalo Boulder
Mount Baldy The Coin Exchange
V2 West Arête Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Sanitarium
V2 The Wind Below Boulder 6m
V2 PG13 No Pad No Problem Boulder 8m
Mount Baldy Stranglehold
V2 Stranglehold Boulder 5m
Mount Baldy Cell One Valley Climbing
5.10 Jet Boil Trad 30m
5.11 Simply Astounding Trad 21m
5.11 Pocket Rocket Sport 21m
Mount Baldy Boondoggle Wall
5.10 Chute's Too Narrow Trad 21m
5.10+ Cricket Fling Sport 18m
Mount Baldy Hydra-Crack Boulder
5.11 V3 Hydra-Crack Trad 9m
Mount Baldy The Fort
V2 South Face Slab Boulder 5m
V2 South Face Slab 2 Boulder 5m
Mount Baldy Sports Action Boulder
V2/3 Unknown Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Corridor Warm Ups
V2 V2 Boulder

Showing 1 - 100 out of 139 routes.

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