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Showing all 59 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Wrinkled Rock Five Alive Boulder
V6 Eric's Flashy Oddity Boulder
Wrinkled Rock Dynamometer Block
V6/7 PG13 Blast Wave Boulder 3m
Wrinkled Rock Heavy Breathing Boulder
V5/6 Two Trashy Dykes Boulder 6m
Chopping Block Three Amigos Boulder
V6 Lucky Day Boulder 3m
Chopping Block Meat Counter
V6 Steady Rollin Boulder 5m
South Seas Hornet's Nest East Side
5.12d Iron Butterfly
South Seas Hornet's Nest West Side
5.12c Critical Crewcut
South Seas Bird's Nest
5.12c Ladies In Love Sport 18m
5.12c Girlie Man Sport 17m
South Seas Kara
5.12+ PG13 Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes Trad 30m
South Seas
V6 Cheese Grater Boulder
Breezy Point
5.12c PG13 Le Rêve Trad 29m
Breezy Point Scenic Point The Scenic Boulder
V5/6 Release The Sheep Boulder
Breezy Point The North Seas Ptg Wall
V6 Passing The Guard Boulder 6m
Breezy Point Roadside
5.12+ Grappling With The Dough Boy Sport 18m
5.12+ PG13 *69 Trad 18m
5.12+ The Gambler Sport 35m, 2
5.12 Grounds For Divorce Trad 38m
Emancipation The Manhattan Boulders Atomic Boulder
V6 Green Peace Terrorists Boulder
Emancipation The Roadside Jumble Lies Boulder
V6 What Lies Around The Corner Boulder
Emancipation The Roadside Jumble The Culvert Boulder
V6 The Culvert Boulder
Emancipation Mordor
V6 Poisoned Cookie Boulder
Emancipation The Oracle
V6 The Fire Breathing Duck!!! Boulder
Emancipation The Darkhorse Boulder
V6/7 The Darkhorse Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy The Mountain Top Quartz Cave
V6 Crystal Meth - Stand Boulder
Mount Baldy Outer Space Boulder
V6 Curt Love Problem Boulder
V6/7 X Elegant Universe Boulder
Mount Baldy The Coin Exchange
V6/7 Bit Coin Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Fat Lady
V6 The Fat Lady Boulder
Mount Baldy The Banshee Boulder
V6 The Banshee Boulder
V6 The Goat Boulder
Mount Baldy Underbelly Of A Shark Boulder
V6 Riding The Underbelly Of A Shark Boulder
Mount Baldy Cell One Valley Climbing
5.12c Far And Away Sport 15m
Mount Baldy The Ocelot
V6 PG13 Babou Boulder 5m
Mount Baldy Stalemate Boulder
V6 Stalemate Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Lillipad Boulder
V6 Hogs Boulder
V6 Polywogs Boulder
V6 Frogs Boulder 5m
Mount Baldy Seul Avec Dieux Boulder
V6 Irreducibly Complex Boulder
Mount Baldy Slap Happy Boulder
V6 Grab, Roll, Pull Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Loosening The Lid Boulder
V6 The Big Squeeze Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Seams Easy Boulder
V5/6 Seams Easy Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Orange Roughy Boulder
V6 Orange Roughy Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy The Candylands Suger Plum Cave
V5/6 Sugar Plum Boulder
Mount Baldy Isosceles Look Alike
V6 Isosceles Look Alike Boulder
Mount Baldy Caddy Shack Boulder
V5/6 Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Lip Service Boulder
V6 Lip Service Boulder 6m
Mount Baldy The Duchess Boulder
V6 The Duchess Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy Great White Boulder
V6 Bella The Beast Boulder
Mount Baldy Wayward Boulder
V5/6 Unit Load Method Boulder
V6 Liquid Vapor Interface Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy The Black Jack Pot
V6 PG13 Black Jack Pot Arête Boulder 3m
Mount Baldy
V6 Dreamers And Deceivers Boulder 5m
5.12d Big, Black, And Hard Sport 21m
The Visitor Center The Oval Office Boulders Theodore Boulder
V6 Cause For Concern Boulder 6m
The Visitor Center Profile Boulders Outline Boulder
V6 Hitchcock Boulder 3m
Border Wall Bouldering
V5/6 Tariffied Boulder 5m
Magna Carta Monster North Shakers
5.12+ The Nightman Cometh Sport 61m
Old Hill City Road Western Chief
5.12 Lakota Promises Sport 40m

Showing all 59 routes.

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