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Showing all 64 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5.10c Every Which Way But Loose Mixed trad 30m, 3
5.8 Unnamed 1
5.10b Unnamed 2
Hitching Post
5.5 Hitching Post Trad 18m
5.10- The Dog And Pony Show Top rope 40m
Twin Spires
5.2 Jan Conn Route Trad
The Fan
5.8 R John’s Jump Trad 40m, 2
5.4 R Moonlight Rib Trad 30m
5.10+ Dakota Fanning Trad 23m
5.12+ 99 Problems Sport 24m
Loeber's Leap Prince
5.3 Conn Route Trad 24m
5.7 Little Trad Corvette Trad 35m
Loeber's Leap Pinpoint Pinnacle
5.5 Conn Route Trad 6m
Loeber's Leap Finial
5.9 PG13 Shady Gem Trad 17m
5.9 Janine's Arête Trad 23m
Loeber's Leap Pulpit
5.9 As Poor As A Church Mouse Sport 18m
Loeber's Leap Loebers Leap
5.10b/c Mark And Tim's Excellent Adventure Trad 85m, 3
5.9 PG13 Tony And Kyle's Bogus Journey Trad 85m, 2
Loeber's Leap Motley Rib
5.11+ Color Coded Trad 24m
The Thimble
5.6 R The Thimble - Backside Trad 24m
5.12a Thimble Overhang

In the right corner of the parking lot below the Needle's Eye.

FFA: John Gill, 1961

Trad 9m
5.11+ Just When It Get's A Little Tougher Sport 15m
5.12a R A Necessary Evil Sport 18m
5.10+ Just Doing Our Thing Sport 15m
5.6 Seashell Chimney Trad 9m
Bell Tower
5.6 PG13 Conn Route On Bell Tower Trad 61m, 2
5.10 PG13 Kamps Crack Trad 37m
5.10+ Buck Shot Eyes And A Purple Heart Sport 21m
5.11b R For Whom The Bell Tolls Sport 24m
5.11c/d Horseshoes And Hand Grenades Trad 12m
5.8 Doody Direct Trad 21m
5.7 Conn Route On Gnomon Trad 27m
5.7 Unemployment Line Trad 30m
5.7 White Line Trad 34m
5.8 Goldline Sport 21m
5.9 Has Anyone Seen Elmer? Sport 30m
Holey Terror
5.7 X Holy Terror Trad
5.10b Julius Seizure Trad 24m
Exclamation Point
5.7 Conn Route Trad 30m
5.8 Fenton-Oslund Route Trad 37m
5.10b Fine Line Trad 37m
Bloody Spire
5.11 PG13 Fearless Bleeder Trad 24m
5.9 Bloody Direct Trad 30m
5.7 Standard Route Trad 21m, 3
Bell Ringer
5.7 PG13 Summer Lovin Sport 21m
Needle's Eye
5.8 X Needle's Eye Trad 30m, 2
5.10- Renn Fenton Direct Route Trad 15m
5.8 Threading The Needle Trad
5.11- A1 - 2 Harris-Emery Aid Route Trad 43m
Moraine Spire
5.8 Standard Route Trad 30m
The Back Side
5.8 Crimps And Cramps Sport 27m
5.10b Up The Buttress Sport 29m
Crocket Tor
5.9 Short And Sweet Trad 17m
5.8 R Where The Sky Hangs Trad 61m, 2
Immagination Spires
5.11 Limited Immunity Sport 15m
5.10 Death Penalty Sport 15m
5.9 Fogs Your Imagination Trad 15m
Sore Thumb
5.12 Twiddle Trad 40m
5.9 Original Route Trad 40m
5.12+ Shocked And Persuaded Trad 24m
Homeward Spire
5.10a/b X Top Rope On Homeward Spire Trad 24m
Retable Rock
5.10+ Brain Drain Trad 29m, 2
5.11- PG13 A Farce To Be Reckoned With Trad 27m
Just Another Roadside Attraction
5.11+ Just Another Roadside Attraction Trad 12m

Showing all 64 routes.

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