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Showing all 9 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Loeber's Leap Finial
5.9 PG13 Shady Gem Trad 17m
5.9 Janine's Arête Trad 23m
Loeber's Leap Pulpit
5.9 As Poor As A Church Mouse Sport 18m
Loeber's Leap Loebers Leap
5.9 PG13 Tony And Kyle's Bogus Journey Trad 85m, 2
5.9 Has Anyone Seen Elmer? Sport 30m
Bloody Spire
5.9 Bloody Direct Trad 30m
Crocket Tor
5.9 Short And Sweet Trad 17m
Immagination Spires
5.9 Fogs Your Imagination Trad 15m
Sore Thumb
5.9 Original Route Trad 40m

Showing all 9 routes.

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