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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Botany bay
5.12+ Crank Aaron Sport 24m
Blue Sky Pheremone Wall
5.12d Flight of the bumblebee Sport 10
Blue Sky Indecent Exposure
5.12d Totally Pagan Sport 5
The Mohican Muehl train
5.12d Master blaster Sport 7
The Mohican Mohawk Boulders
V6 In The Shadow Of Tears Boulder
V6 Desperado Boulder
V6/7 Anubis Boulder
V7 Monkeys In The Mist Boulder
The Mohican Gentlemans Club
5.12d Pull Dancer Sport 9m
The Mohican Indian Wars Wall
5.12d Block And Roll Sport 23m
The Mohican Red Light District
5.12+ Come And Go Sport 15m
5.12d Carl Hungus Sport 20m, 9
The Mohican The Asylum
5.12+ Lunatic SportProject 18m
5.12+ Manic Panic Sport 18m
5.12d - 13b Lethal Prescrimption Sport 21m, 9
5.12+ Bi Puller Sport
The Mohican The Gully Of Biblical Proportions
5.12d Master Blaster Sport
The Mohican Taster's Wall
5.12c/d Tasters Choice Sport 24m, 11
Big picture Big picture Wall
5.12d Raw Justice Sport 10
Big picture The Can
5.12d Bombs Away Sport 9
Bob Buttress
5.12+ Please Don't Rock My Bolt Sport 15m
The Dark Side Hole In The Wall
5.12d Renegade Sport 14m
The Dark Side Gold Mine
5.12+ Explosion Pantaloons Sport 21m
The Dark Side Streaker Wall
5.12d Living Water Sport 23m
The Dark Side Dark Side Wall
5.12+ Into Exile Sport 12m
5.12d Tough Love Sport 24m
5.12c/d Shady Lady Sport 21m
Sunshine The Thunderhead
5.12d Alice Sport 7
The Danks Blowin' Kisses Wall
5.12+ My Bitch Ain't No Lady Sport 18m
5.12d She Ain't No Lady Unless She's 280 Sport 21m
Shadowlands The court house wall
5.12d Jugs judy

4 bolt same with whopgnar

Sport 10
Shadowlands Ice box rocks
5.12d Goose Bump Sport 14m
V7 PG13 Strung Out Boulder 6m
V5/6 Strung Out Puppet Boulder 5m
V7 Tore-Em On Sorum Boulder 3m
Roadler Boulder
V6 The Roadler Boulder 3m
V7 Road Kill Arête Boulder 5m
The Wall Of Oz
5.12d The Cowardly Lion Sport 12m

Showing all 38 routes.

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