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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
5.7 Aging Gracefully
5.8 foreplay
5.9 gericrawl
5.6 Creeping Senility
Unknown 55m
5.11- Slippery When Wet Trad 49m Needles
5.10 PG13 The Math Joke Trad 40m Needles
5.8 Under Exposure Trad 18m Needles
5.12+ I Want Out Trad 58m, 2 Needles
5.9 Fool Of A Took Trad 37m Needles
5.10+ The Rustlers Trad 46m Needles
5.8 Chari's Face Trad 24m Needles
5.10+ Just A Little Lunch Break Trad 18m Needles
5.10a Hardrocker Trad 49m Needles
5.11- PG13 Three Strikes Your Out Trad 15m Needles
5.7 Conn Diagonal Trad 91m, 3 Needles
5.12 Unknown 1 Trad 37m Needles
5.8 Hells Bells Trad 24m Needles
5.9 R Pool And Pie Trad 29m Needles
5.8 The Conn Diagonal Variation Trad 3 Needles
5.12b PG13 Unknown 2 Trad 38m Needles
5.6 Wiessner Chimney Trad 43m Needles
5.10 Barry Mccochiner's Crack Trad 27m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Belly Of The Dragon Trad 37m Needles
5.7 Gill Route Trad 61m, 2 Needles
5.8 Pratt's Crack Trad 91m, 2 Needles
5.11+ R Scary Larry Trad 85m, 2 Needles
5.6 Conn Chimney Trad 61m, 2 Needles
5.11c/d Acid Test Trad Needles
5.9 R North Face Trad 82m, 2 Needles
5.11c/d Aggressive Tendoncies Trad 76m, 2 Needles
5.2 East Dam Gully Trad 21m Needles
5.12- Passport To The Sky Trad 52m, 2 Needles
5.8 PG13 West Rib Trad 76m, 2 Needles
5.10b Out Of The Outlet Into The Oven Trad 37m Needles
5.4 Conn Route Trad 15m Needles
5.11 PG13 Rockwalk Trad 37m Needles
5.11c Stainless Steel Shield Trad 91m, 3 Needles
5.8 There And Back Again Trad 38m Needles
5.11- R Taste The Bun Trad 43m Needles
5.6 Side By Side Trad Needles
5.9 R Walk Around The Rock Trad 35m Needles
5.8 West Buttress Trad 91m, 3 Needles
5.8 PG13 The Abridged Version Trad 34m Needles
5.12 PG13 Mack Daddy Trad 37m Needles
5.11b/c Precious Trad 23m Needles
5.10 PG13 Corporate Ladder Trad 18m Needles
5.6 Conn Route Trad Needles
5.12a R Living at 1% Trad 55m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Thrain Trad 43m Needles
5.12+ Mack Daddy Direct Trad 37m Needles
5.9 PG13 Slob The Knob Trad 24m Needles
5.7 R Mistake Trad 21m Needles
5.12- True To Form Trad 55m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Thror Trad 41m Needles
5.6 Griffin's Romp And Roll Trad 18m Needles
5.5 Enting Trad 18m Needles
5.11+ PG13 Gun Has No Trigger Trad 55m Needles
5.12- Right Wight Trad 43m Needles
5.6 Northwest Crack Trad 30m, 2 Needles
5.10a PG13 Cast In The Shadows Trad 21m Needles
5.4 Inner Course Trad 43m Needles
5.8 PG13 Just Gror A Pair Trad 40m Needles
5.6 R Hairy Horn Trad 43m, 3 Needles
5.8 The Outer Shadow Trad 37m Needles
5.10 Nick Of Time Trad 37m Needles
5.9 R The Iron Lady Trad 30m Needles
5.10a Beyond The Door Trad Needles
5.10 Jugs Trad 27m Needles
5.9 Three Rings For The Elven Kings Trad 46m Needles
5.6 Evans Route Trad 24m Needles
5.6 R Creeping Senility Trad 53m Needles
5.7 Master Of Rack Trad 43m Needles
5.10a R Nutcracker Suite Trad 43m Needles
5.7 Aging Gracefully Trad 46m Needles
5.3 Unknown Trad Needles
5.7 R Popping Cherries Not Berries Trad 26m Needles
5.10+ PG13 An Unexpected Journey Trad 34m Needles
5.13+ Housing The Sin Trad 43m Needles
5.9 Gericrawl Trad 40m Needles
5.8 Moot Point Trad 24m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Knob Goblin Trad 34m Needles
5.10 Kamp's Crack Trad Needles
5.11+ A Clean Getaway Trad 70m, 2 Needles
5.9 Barber Dihedral Trad 43m Needles
5.10- Mantucky Cold Crack Trad 18m Needles
5.9 Sex Never Did This To My Hands Trad 41m Needles
5.10- My Feets, My Feets, My Precious Feeet Trad 37m Needles
5.7 Conn Diagonal

Starts up a series of large flakes.

Trad 3 Needles
5.11+ PG13 Vertigo Trad 2 Needles
5.6 Goldstone's Riddle Trad 29m Needles
5.10- PG13 The Guardian Trad 18m Needles
5.11- PG13 Jungle Fever Trad 23m Needles
5.8 Cherry Light Trad 40m Needles
5.10 Shelob Trad Needles
5.8 Redemption Trad Needles
5.12- Hail The Groom Trad 37m Needles
5.8 Cold Feat Trad 37m Needles
5.9 R They Are Afraid Of Her Trad 46m Needles
5.10 Two Silver Rings Trad 34m Needles
5.9 unknown Trad Needles

Showing 1 - 100 out of 268 routes.

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