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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
5.10+ Just A Little Lunch Break Trad 18m Needles
5.7 X Bacon Strip Sport 15m Needles
VB Between A Rock And A Hard Place Boulder 5m Needles
V1 Choss And Moss Boulder 8m Needles
5.7 R The Hideout Trad 17m Needles
5.8 R The Granite Bandit Trad 18m Needles
5.9 Horning Route Trad Needles
5.10+ Resurrection Top Rope. Trad Needles
5.10b/c Voodoo Sport Needles
5.8 Banshee Trad Needles
5.8 Gospel According To John Sport Needles
5.6 Conn Route Trad Needles
5.8 Redemption Trad Needles
5.9 unknown Trad Needles
5.9 The End Is Near Sport Needles
5.7 Repent Now! Sport Needles
5.8 Resurrection Sport Needles
5.9 Fatted Calf Sport Needles
5.6 Evans Route Trad 24m Needles
5.10a Beyond The Door Trad Needles
5.9 Cascade Sport 18m Needles
5.10 California Screamin' Sport Needles
5.6 Conn Route Trad Needles
5.12 The Iceman Climbeth Sport 24m Needles
5.11c Modeling In The Nude Sport 24m Needles
5.11c/d Aggressive Tendoncies Trad 76m, 2 Needles
5.8 Pratt's Crack Trad 91m, 2 Needles
5.8 Just Another Pretty Face Sport 18m Needles
5.8 Cowboy Jazz Sport 24m Needles
5.11- PG13 Three Strikes Your Out Trad 15m Needles
5.8 Over Exposure Sport 24m Needles
5.8 Under Exposure Trad 18m Needles
5.3 R Conn Route Trad 30m, 2 Needles
5.10+ High Resolution Trad 30m Needles
5.9 Just Get In The Swing Trad 27m Needles
5.12+ Walking The Plankton Sport 18m Needles
5.13 Red Fish, Blue Fish Trad 21m Needles
5.10 Sea Monkeys Sport 40m Needles
5.9 Four Little Fishies Sport 40m Needles
5.12a Leaning Jowler Trad Needles
5.3 Conn Route Trad 46m, 2 Needles
5.11- PG13 The Eye Of Sauron Trad 34m Needles
5.11+ One Ring To Rule Them All Trad 34m Needles
5.10 Two Silver Rings Trad 34m Needles
5.10 Shelob Trad Needles
5.10- My Feets, My Feets, My Precious Feeet Trad 37m Needles
5.10+ PG13 An Unexpected Journey Trad 34m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Knob Goblin Trad 34m Needles
5.9 Bil-Bolting-Baggins Sport 46m Needles
5.9 Three Rings For The Elven Kings Trad 46m Needles
5.9 R The Iron Lady Trad 30m Needles
5.8 PG13 Just Gror A Pair Trad 40m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Thror Trad 41m Needles
5.12- Right Wight Trad 43m Needles
5.10+ PG13 Thrain Trad 43m Needles
5.8 PG13 The Abridged Version Trad 34m Needles
5.8 There And Back Again Trad 38m Needles
5.11d Straight Outta Mordor Sport 30m Needles
5.8 PG13 West Rib Trad 76m, 2 Needles
5.10+ PG13 Belly Of The Dragon Trad 37m Needles
5.12b PG13 Unknown 2 Trad 38m Needles
5.11 Ghostwriter Sport 35m Needles
5.12 Unknown 1 Trad 37m Needles
5.9 Fool Of A Took Trad 37m Needles
5.7 Bard Sport 18m Needles
5.11- West Of The Sun Trad 30m Needles
5.7 PG13 Smaugs Tail Trad 30m Needles
5.7 Of Quartz It Goes Sport 38m Needles
5.10 Orcrist Trad 49m Needles
5.8 Left Wing Of Smaug Trad 43m Needles
5.11a/b Goldberry Lane Sport 21m Needles
5.10a Guardian Trad 15m Needles
5.8 Guardian Face Sport 15m Needles
5.7 Things That Rhyme With Bilbo Trad 30m Needles
5.10b/c Shagrat Sport 27m Needles
5.10- R Narsil Sport 30m Needles
5.10- PG13 The Guardian Trad 18m Needles
5.5 Trail Of Teeth Sport 27m Needles
5.8 Guardian Face Sport 15m Needles
5.7 Master Of Rack Trad 43m Needles
5.8 Waste Knot Sport 40m Needles
5.8 The Outer Shadow Trad 37m Needles
5.6 Second Breakfast Sport 35m Needles
5.5 Enting Trad 18m Needles
5.5 Quickbeam Sport 18m Needles
5.11b/c Precious Trad 23m Needles
5.7 Hrum Hroom Sport 18m Needles
5.6 Side By Side Trad Needles
5.4 Conn Route Trad 15m Needles
5.11c/d Acid Test Trad Needles
V6 Coach Z Boulder Needles
V5/6 PG13 Marzipan Boulder 8m Needles
V11 Homestar Boulder Needles
V7 Only The Good Die Young Boulder Needles
V6 Direct North Overhang Boulder 6m Needles
V5 West Crack Traverse Boulder Needles
V10 Mood Swings Boulder 5m Needles
V3 Arête Boulder Needles
V3 Cling Wrap Boulder 5m Needles
V2 Autumnal Dynamics Boulder 3m Needles

Showing 1 - 100 out of 268 routes.

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