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Showing all 26 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5.10- Mantucky Cold Crack Trad 18m
5.11- PG13 Jungle Fever Trad 23m
5.8 Cold Feat Trad 37m
5.8 Kamps Crack Trad 37m
5.11a Two Year Plan Trad 43m
5.10+ PG13 Bronchial Distress Trad 37m
5.11 PG13 Honey, I Shrunk My Nads Trad 43m
5.6 No Need To Be Chicken Sport 24m
5.6 Lander Turkey Shoot Sport 24m
5.8 Katey's Route Trad 27m
5.8 Other Trucker Favorites Trad 24m
5.10+ Inner Outlet Gill Variation Trad 6m
5.7 Retable Route Trad 91m, 3
5.9 R Big E's Two Project TradProject 61m, 2
5.11- Slippery When Wet Trad 49m
5.10+ The Rustlers Trad 46m
5.10a Hardrocker Trad 49m
5.10+ Rockin' Harder Sport 24m
5.6 Wiessner Chimney Trad 43m
5.7 Gill Route Trad 61m, 2
5.6 Conn Chimney Trad 61m, 2
5.10b Out Of The Outlet Into The Oven Trad 37m
5.11- R Taste The Bun Trad 43m
5.12 PG13 Mack Daddy Trad 37m
5.12+ Mack Daddy Direct Trad 37m
5.6 Griffin's Romp And Roll Trad 18m

Showing all 26 routes.

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