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Showing all 21 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Slots Block
V6 Slc Boulder 3m
V5/6 Slot Pockets Boulder 3m
Bison Block
V5 Buffalo Ninja Boulder 3m
V4 Bullocks Boulder 3m
V4 The Bull Fighter Boulder 3m
The Teter Totter
V3/4 Pocket Challenge Boulder
V3 Squirts Traverse Boulder 9m
V1 Totter Roof Boulder
V1 The Weigh-In Roof Boulder 5m
The Aquarium Merman Boulder
V2 Merman Boulder 3m
V1 Merlady Boulder 3m
The Aquarium The Fish
V2 Fish Poop Boulder 3m
V1 Fish Food Boulder
V0- Scaler Boulder 3m
The Twin Planets Boulders
V1 Rim Of Uranus Boulder 5m
V9 E.T. Boulder 5m
V6/7 Close Encounters Boulder 5m
V2 Danger Zone Boulder 5m
V3 Intergalactic Boulder 5m
V4 Space Invader Boulder 5m
V0- V0 Arête Boulder 3m

Showing all 21 routes.

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