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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5.12a Passover Sport 18m
5.12c Gabba The Nut Sport 18m
5.12b/c Prison Bound Sport 21m
5.11a Mister Fister Sport 24m
5.12a Black Magic Sport 24m
5.11c Chewcocka Sport 24m
5.12c Obi-Wan Kanblowme Sport 24m
5.11+ Admiral Slackbar Sport 24m
5.12a Choda Sport 27m
5.12c Establishing Dominance Sport 12m
5.12a Darth Gaydar Sport 27m
5.12+ Into Exile Sport 12m
5.12a Black Sunday Sport 12m
5.12c Sinister Sport 24m
5.12b Death Star Sport 24m
5.12b Sith Sport 23m
5.12d Tough Love Sport 24m
5.13a Tough Lady Sport 18m
5.12c/d Shady Lady Sport 21m
5.12c Star Fighter Sport 21m
5.12a Millennium Falcon Sport 21m
5.11b Stump In The Rump Sport 24m
5.11d Choobies Sport
5.12a Han Job Solo Sport 24m
5.11d Power Of The Darkside Sport 24m
5.12a Black Hole Sport 24m
5.11c Concracktion Sport 24m
5.11c Belaybesitter Sport 24m
5.11c Muira, Muira On The Wall Sport 24m
5.11b Breast Pump Sport 24m
5.11b Lactation Station Sport 24m
5.11a Paternity Test Sport 15m
5.11a Gives Good Helmet Sport 20m
5.10d E-Walk Sport 14m
5.12a Space Balls Sport 20m
5.12a Hail President Screwed! Sport 20m
5.11b Suck To Blow Sport 18m
5.10d Blast Off Sport 21m

Showing all 38 routes.

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