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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Rock Maze Carrier Boulder
V5 Sit-Start Side-Pull Problem Boulder 6m
Rock Maze South Central Plugged Nickel Boulder
V5 Plugged Nickel Boulder 3m
Rock Maze South Central Muscle Corner
V5 Muscle Corner Boulder 6m
V5 Toes Boulder
Rock Maze Golden Wall
V4/5 Two Left Feet Boulder 3m
Rock Maze West Side
V5 Modus Operandi Boulder 3m
Victoria Canyon Boulders Entrance Boulder
V5 Simple Arithmetic Boulder
Victoria Canyon Boulders Mid-Canyon Boulders Lovely Boulder
V5 Black Friday Boulder
Falling Rock Drainage
V5 Project Mayhem Boulder 3m
V5 Tension Comprehension Boulder
V5 The Dawning Boulder
The VC
5.12b Bucket Head Sport 24m
5.12c Me So Horny Sport 24m
5.12b Man China Sport 24m
5.12c Bluecelee Sport 23m
5.12b Map Of Japan Sport 23m
5.12b Ride The Snake Sport 17m
5.12b Drive On Sport 15m
5.12b Nazareth Sport 18m
Meat Packing Plant Pocket Boulder
V5/6 The Pocket Problem Boulder 3m, 3

Showing all 20 routes.

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